Friday, December 30, 2011

Long Time, No See...

Wow, its been over 5 know blogs are not for everyone. For me at least. I am becoming quite getting scared that im going to be an alzheimer patient in the future. Its nothing to be smiling or laughing about. Im quite scared. My memories have not been very sharp and I forget a lot of stuff. I would be in one room wanting something from a different room. Once I go to the room that I needed something from, forget instantly why Im there. I go back to the room I came from and retrace my steps and remember. It is totally frustrating to the max. Im almost 30, and starting to forget already. Its definitely not good. I have to admit that, this has been like this for the last 3 years but I have to say that its getting worse. I comptemplate on starting a youtube channel for my daughters. I would to plan to film myself on random things and give advices for their future.

The movie "50 first dates" with Adam Sandler and Drew something Im dreading...not remembering who the people that are around you. Needing a video to remind you everyday. I know my family is awesome and I am Loved so I told them that i would like to be in front of the TV and watch my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movies like "Twins" and "Junior"...remind me that I love to run. If I am still able...I told them to keep me in shape and make my butt run everyday.

The new year is in two days...I am going to "live like theres no tomorrow". It sounds cheesy but its an all time best quote out there.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just the way you are (Bruno Mars)

I went to Waterworld California today, and boy did I feel so gross after I took my season pass card. I processed my card AFTER 4 hours in the heat, swimming and juggling two kids and was in my bathing suit with no makeup on, not the greatest timing of a "photo shoot" may I add. The guy who took it does not know how to take a flattering photo. Do I always have to ask the photo taker "please zoom to my face and don't show my goods to everyone who has to look at it". Anyway, looking at my photo and saw how gross I was, of course I got down on myself...again. I wished that I had my face on(face with make up).

What do people call someone who looks decent in the face but body is not? Like when people call a girl "Butter Face" (But- Her- Face) because her body is sooo banging but her face is not. If that's your first time hearing that expression...well it's something peeps in the bay area says a lot. Would I be called a "Butter Body"? Which one is worse? Both I suppose. But human nature is cruel and we are bound to be judge everyday, no matter if you want to be or not.

My fam bam and I were driving back home and I was listening to the radio and heard this song, and it brightened my spirit. I know I can be really critical of my physical flaws but I just need to remember that it's only skin deep.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Update Here

So it's been 15 days and I have lost 5.2 lbs. I haven't been too proactive but losing some weight is a start. I started a 10 pound challenge on the forum for the month of July. It will motivate me to stay on track and to lose a little more before my Vegas trip in early August. Let's see how my competitive state is, this month. My ultimate goal for month of July, is to get my butt to the gym!! At least once in the next 31 I tell myself I paid for it, might as well use it. Oh, maybe sign up to a spin class. oh I hate the meat heads that can't stop looking as my behind when I use the treadmill. Totally annoying. Ugh, the gym...nuff said.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thinking of the New me starts today!

Keena Here. I am a mother of two. I am a full-time stay at home mom. When my youngest gets older or when my mother in law retires from her job, I will go back to work. Hopefully, I will know what career I want to do by then. In 7 days, it will be 7 months since I had my second daughter, Aubree. I gained 42 pounds this pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy weight was 133lbs. I weigh 145lbs now. I want to lose at least 30lbs by February 15, 2012. I will be turning 30!!

My ultimate goal is to gain self confidence and not cry when I shop for Especially for Bras. Within the next 7 days, I will start warming up my body. Kinda wake it up from it's long slumber. From the cold winter days and nights, spring was ridiculously cold this year too. My body also needs to wake up from being in the neutral mode due to breastfeeding for the little one. Not to whine and complain, but I did not workout because of pure exhaustion. Everything that comes with having a new baby...being sleep deprived, weight gain, breasts filled with milk, not to mention I have hypothyroid problems.

My oldest is 5 years old. she started kindergarten Fall2010 and in 3 days she will be off for summer break! Like I said before, the youngest will be 7 months old. She needs/wants constant attention when she's not eating, sleeping or pooping. I plan to work out mostly at home in the mornings before the kids wakes up. So no more netflixin at 3 in the morning!

I also plan to work out at the gym, at least two times this year to get my money's worth. (It cost 24 dollars to renew my membership every year and regular day admission costs 15 that's no brainer). I am going to lose weight by the help of P90X, turbo jam, running lake merritt, and work out at my gym. Eating healthy with portion control will be a big help to me. Late night snacks will end tonight!

I will run a marathon within the next 3 years. I used to run the lake merritt in 21 minutes...that was about 2 years ago. I will ask couple people to run with me (my hubby, Karen, Lisa). I will see if I can make friends here at, who has similar goals as me and have few things in common as well. I am a bit competitive so maybe be in some challenges, if there is any. Wish me luck, and cheers to a new me!
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