Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just the way you are (Bruno Mars)

I went to Waterworld California today, and boy did I feel so gross after I took my season pass card. I processed my card AFTER 4 hours in the heat, swimming and juggling two kids and was in my bathing suit with no makeup on, not the greatest timing of a "photo shoot" may I add. The guy who took it does not know how to take a flattering photo. Do I always have to ask the photo taker "please zoom to my face and don't show my goods to everyone who has to look at it". Anyway, looking at my photo and saw how gross I was, of course I got down on myself...again. I wished that I had my face on(face with make up).

What do people call someone who looks decent in the face but body is not? Like when people call a girl "Butter Face" (But- Her- Face) because her body is sooo banging but her face is not. If that's your first time hearing that expression...well it's something peeps in the bay area says a lot. Would I be called a "Butter Body"? Which one is worse? Both I suppose. But human nature is cruel and we are bound to be judge everyday, no matter if you want to be or not.

My fam bam and I were driving back home and I was listening to the radio and heard this song, and it brightened my spirit. I know I can be really critical of my physical flaws but I just need to remember that it's only skin deep.

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