Friday, December 30, 2011

Long Time, No See...

Wow, its been over 5 know blogs are not for everyone. For me at least. I am becoming quite getting scared that im going to be an alzheimer patient in the future. Its nothing to be smiling or laughing about. Im quite scared. My memories have not been very sharp and I forget a lot of stuff. I would be in one room wanting something from a different room. Once I go to the room that I needed something from, forget instantly why Im there. I go back to the room I came from and retrace my steps and remember. It is totally frustrating to the max. Im almost 30, and starting to forget already. Its definitely not good. I have to admit that, this has been like this for the last 3 years but I have to say that its getting worse. I comptemplate on starting a youtube channel for my daughters. I would to plan to film myself on random things and give advices for their future.

The movie "50 first dates" with Adam Sandler and Drew something Im dreading...not remembering who the people that are around you. Needing a video to remind you everyday. I know my family is awesome and I am Loved so I told them that i would like to be in front of the TV and watch my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movies like "Twins" and "Junior"...remind me that I love to run. If I am still able...I told them to keep me in shape and make my butt run everyday.

The new year is in two days...I am going to "live like theres no tomorrow". It sounds cheesy but its an all time best quote out there.

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