Monday, January 2, 2012

P90X Day 2: Cardio X

Just finished my 2nd day work out:

Cardio X
Work out Time_43:18

It was pretty easy AFTER the yoga warm up rounds. I am no means by any shape and form flexible... So if P90X can improve my flexiblity...I will give a random stranger 100 dollars. Pay it forward. :).

The first twenty minutes was quite boring for me tho. I wanted to head butt Tony, cause he wouldnt shut up...i guess the pains of stretching got to For a person who doesnt know a lick of yoga poses, it was hard to know what he was talking about. I got a headache looking up at the tv while in a downward dog position, just to see if I was doing it correctly. Im sure everyone knows what im talkin about. Trying to concentrate and having your blood rush into your brain is not fun at all.

Lesson Learned. I will read Cardio X in my Fitness Guide on page 93-97 before workout. I will keep a written guideline of the workout on the floor right below my face. It will help, so i dont have to look up while doing a unusual pose stance.

The rest of the workout consists of Kenpo (kickboxing type of moves) and different types of sports drills. I have been an athlete all through middle school, high school and college. It was pretty fun to do some drills that i was familiar with.

Overall, I think next week doing Cardio X will be pretty easy. I will "bring it" for sure!

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