Tuesday, January 3, 2012

P90X Day 3: Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

workout time_59:53

So the dreaded third day, as it always happens to me...IM SORE! So today, i was fine doing the first workout. I did the Shoulders and Arms. I only used 3lb dumbbells through out the whole workout. When they took breaks, I kept the weights on (im using the one with plastic straps on them). I am going to go buy a set of 5lb and 8lb dumbbells for the next workout. The 3lbs are easy, but you still feel soreness the next day. You can do more reps with lighter weights obviously. So when Tony was done with his reps and had more time on the timer...i kept on doing more reps til the time went out. Those of you who will use a heavier weights, just make sure you have lighter back up sets. Form is everything when are doing any strength training, not a time to show off and pop a vein...lol.

workout time_16:07

The next Dvd was the Ab Ripper X. So get this, with this workout...it was a joke for ME to do. My legs are sooooo sore that, i could not do most of the reps/sets. You need the strength of your legs to do most of the ab work out. If you did the previous dvds and you are not in the best best shape...you will be sore. It is a 12 minutes of hard core full on torture. Tony's Ab Ripper X is so grueling that, I wanted to quit so many times. I was raised right, and daddy doesnt like quitters. Since Im no quitter, i just did what I can, and "tried" to keep my form as best as I can. Girls, you will not look cute...trust me. Tony said that if this is your first time doing P90X, dont worry...most of the people who "graduated" from P90X could not do a lot of the workouts on their first try!

I am not going to be discouraged, I will keep going. I know this is not going to happen overnight.


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