Wednesday, January 4, 2012

P90X Day 4: Yoga X

Yoga X
Work Out Time_92:24

I went in with an open mind, determined and relaxed to my tippy toes..."you want me to do what!?...oh, FML.", "I hate Yoga!!" & "Shut up Tony" were few things I blurted out during the first quarter of the dvd. LOL. Are you scared?

No, Yoga could have not came in a better time. Yoga X is the best workout to do on the fourth day. I hated it at first because I am not flexible and like again, I wasn't familiar with the poses. BUT, once I got used to the routine, it got easier. You practically stretch every part of your body in this 92 minute workout. Well, the last 10 minutes is pure relaxation...almost puts you to sleep. Don't get it twisted tho, Yoga is not for wimps, especially Yoga X. I have nothing else to say but to come prepare to sweat!

For a personal note: Today, my shoulders are now sore but my legs are getting less sore. But, I always love the feeling of the last 5 minutes of every workout. The excitement that the exercise is almost over. The fulfillment of just having a work out done for the day, even if it is 11:30pm. The pure bliss that, my body is one more day better than yesterday.

Now, it is rather late. I need to hit the showers and watch my favorite show...Top Chef: TEXAS! Nite All!

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