Thursday, January 5, 2012

P90X Day 5: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

Legs & Back
Work Out Time_58:56

"Quality VS Quantity"-Tony Horton

"Oh man, not legs". My Legs feel like they are made out of lead by now. But like they always say, "No Pain, No Gain"...jerks. This workout exercises both the lower and upper part of your body. You are basically going to work every part of your body, point blank. By far, this dvd is the one that made me sweat the most! Make sure you have a towel on the shirt has never been so drenched...yuck!

Get ready to lunge, squat, bend this way and that way. This dvd will strengthen your booty, hamstrings, and most definitely your calves. Have you seen Courtney Cox in 'Scream 2'? Well in that movie, she had killer, its to die for! Anyways, im sure if I keep calves will look just as fantastic as hers.

Legs and Back is a dvd where you do pull ups to work your back. There were two ways to do a pull up work out. They had an actual pull up bar to do 4 different ways to pull up. The girl in the dvd used a chair to help her lift up, so there is a way to do this dvd, ladies. The other way was to use a band to do a pull down motion while kneeling on one knee on the floor. So guess what? I had neither. But that didnt stop me...I improvised and used my dumbbells. I raised my dumbbells above my head and do a pull up motion, while positioning my hands and arms just like Tony demonstrates in the workouts. Its better than doing nothing...and trut me, you get a good back and shoulder workout!

Ab Ripper X
Work Out Time_16:07

As like day 3,
The Ab Ripper X is pure torture, but I did it with lil more ease this round. It did not help that I just finished a leg workout, but it was better than the first time around.

Im famished, must drink a recovery drink...Ciao!

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