Friday, January 6, 2012

P90X Day 6: Kenpo X

Work Out Time_55:46

It is described as a "Cardiovascular Self-Defense". Kenpo () X's vibe is like an actual martial arts class, without getting your hands slapped by a stick if you dont do it right. If you like to learn how to kick, punch, jab, knee, elbow and uppercut someone...this ones it.

It is known to be the one thats suppose to be a fun and relaxed. But, I personally didnt like it. Im used to More aerobic kickboxing. This dvd seemed lil too stiff for a cardio workout...but for a dude, its probably the norm. I think Turbo Jam spoiled me...with rhythmic music to the moves, its a lot better. It is just my personal take on a home cardio workout.

Personal Note: Apparently, there is a muscle on the back of the leg behind the, It is SORE! Everything other than that muscle and the pretty dang good. I am craving carbs lately, but too full to eat anymore than I need to. I also have been good not eating desserts, like chocolate and cookies. Can you say, willpower? Heck ya!

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