Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I Ate Before P90X.

My problem was not what I ate, it was how much I ate in one sitting. I believe I can eat more than 2 grown men if I wanted to. I love vegetables, meat, fruit and things that are made with 100% whole wheat. But I ate a lot of it. Sometimes, I eat cause it tastes good...not because I was still hungry. I even tried to fool my brain into thinking I was full by drinking tons of water before a meal. That only worked for a little while.

I ate a lot of carbs too. I ate a lot of rice and noodles. My family usually go out to eat about 10 meals a week. We go to Asian restaurants mostly. We like to go to sushi, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and sometimes Combodian food. We eat pho (Vietnamese) once or twice a week for sure. Once in a great while, we will go eat at American food establishments...most of the time, it will be at Buckhorn Grill. The Cabo Chop Salad is my fav and its refreshing and delicious. I add salmon to mine sometimes for more protein. I think eating out is a luxury, but you dont exactly know what you are eating.

My In-Laws are really great cooks. Since they live really, really close...we eat over, maybe 3 times a week for dinner. Homecooked Chinese food, variety of species of FRESH fish (Father in Law is a hobby fisherman) and large pot of different kinds of delicious hearty soups. They always have a huge rice cooker full of white rice. My mother in law also likes to watch what she eats, so she has brown rice stashed somewhere in her pantry too.

Just before P90X, Actually within the last 6 months...I played co-ed softball with my husband, 3 sisters and friends. After our games, there was happy hour at the clubhouse. During happy hour, there were $7.50 pitchers of beer. The appetizers like nachos, hot wings and pizza were half priced. So, being famished, cold, and ready to mingle...we stay for 2-3 hours drinking beer and eat over processed food.

Side Note: Yes, I am not huge but yet not skinny either. I actually like the way I look with clothes on but my tummy area is my problem area. Having two kids has not been nice to my once flat, skinny abs. I am consider to be skinny fat my body fat percentage is probably 29% and I sport a muffin top. I wish I can find jeans that can fit both my skinny legs and waist. Do you know how many times I googled, "fashionable high waisted jeans"? More than I can remember. But when those fashionable high waisted jeans were in season and in style, they cost more than $150! Absolutely ridiculous! Dont get me wrong, if I didnt have kids...I would get them in a heart beat!

Since I can not buy those expensive jeans, I will have to eat better and get my body into a fabulous shape. The body that can fit into any jeans I put on in fact. Anyways, I have to say goodbye to the foods I used to eat for awhile cause what I ate before P90X was not working for me.

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