Wednesday, February 1, 2012

P90X 30 Day Results

This is also my P90X Week 4 Weigh In.

Weight: 135lbs.
Chest: 37"
Waist: 36"
Hips: 36"
R.Thigh: 21 1/2"
L.Thigh: 21
R.Arm: 12 3/4"
L.Arm: 12"

Weight: 130lbs.
Chest: 34"
Waist: 33 1/2"
Hips: 35"
R.Thigh: 20 1/2"
L.Thigh: 20 3/4"
R.Arm: 11 1/4"
L.Arm: 11"


Weight: -5 lbs.
Chest: -3 1/2"
Waist: -2 1/2"
Hips: -1"
R.Thigh: -1"
L.Thigh: -1/4"
R.Arm: -1 1/2"
L.Arm: -1"
Total Inches Lost = -10.75 Inches!!

I am 5'3 5/8"
Weight: 130lbs
I wear size 7 in skinny jeans.
Can wear size 5 Dress.
Size Medium Tops.
Size Small Tops with love handles.
Runs 7 minute miles.
Fastest 3 Mile Long Run (Lake Merritt) is 21 minutes.
8.35 seconds in Flex Arm Hang (over a minute in High School)
2 Girlie Pull Ups without popping a vain.

I dont see a change in the face.
You can see through my thighs!

Chest got smaller.

Love Handles are Smaller.

Stomach got flatter.

Gravity is not my best friend at all.  Since the weight loss, my chest has been pretty sad.  With two kids, breastfeeding and weight loss, they look pretty beaten up and not as perky as they used to be.  I can't run in this top at all. Triangle Bikini Tops do not have any support.  I got this bikini to wear to Day Spas. Its either this or going  I do not feel comfortable wearing a two piece at a beach or water park. I hope to get a monokini this summer. I will work hard to have the goods to rock it!

This is my goal dress.  I have not worn this dress out before.  I bought this dress 3 years ago. It is size Small from Forever 21. If you shop there, you know the quality of clothes is okay. My pet peeve from Forever 21 and Macys is that their zippers on dresses are hard to zip at times. After P90X, I will get into this dress. Hopefully, the zipper will not be an issue. 
I can breathe...

Lil Bit More To Go.

Zipped Half Way!!
So this 1 piece is not very flattering. It was the only bathing suit I could find in a San Diego trip in September that had three of my criterias. 1) It must cover my stomach. 2) It must have built in bra to support my bust. 3) One that is a spaghetti strap style (I hate tan lines).  For the past 7 years, I don't shop for a swim suit unless I really need one. The last one before this was a maternity one, and we allknow how those make you feel.

I hope to look and feel like this in a 1 piece after P90X. :).
VS Monokini with Bust Support and hides Stretch Marks on Stomach.

CLICK HERE to see Before P90X Pictures.


  1. keep it up! you're doing grrrreat!!! xx

  2. Thank you and oh, I will! lol. oxox.

  3. So proud of you!!!!! Share more recipes pls!!!! Lol

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