Sunday, January 1, 2012

P90X: Before Pictures

I finally got a computer desktop running and this is my before pictures. 
Click Here to see my 145 pound before pictures.

I am 5'3 5/8"
Weight: 135lbs
I wear size 9 in skinny jeans.
Can wear size 7 with love handles.
Size Large Tops
Size Medium Tops with love handles.
Runs 8 minute miles
Fastest 3 Mile Long Run (Lake Merritt) is 24 minutes. 
5.25 seconds in Flex Arm Hang (over a minute in High School)
2 Girlie Pull Ups

Game Face

Work Out Outfit

Sports Bra Size: M

Adidas Shorts: Girls Size L

Yes, I love the shorts that

Two Piece

Dont make fun of my lil Panda tattoo.

Bikini Top: Target Size L

Bikini Bottom: Target Size S

Goal Dress: Forever 21 Size 3


Can't Even Close...sigh.

In my 1 piece Fabric

Bathing Suit: Michael Kors

Size M

Going to work hard to match my body with my face. I am tired of cropping my pictures. 

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