Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My 30th Birthday!!

All day long, it was like any other kids being sick day. Today, my 1 year old is cranky, sick, teething and wanting to be connected to my hip all day long.  My 6 year old is slow and almost late for school. She is hyper after school, whining, spilling things and accidentally dropped a full length mirror on the one year old.  Um, Can I have a freaking break? To those of you who think being a full-time stay at home mom thinks its easy job, then you are not a full-time stay at home mom.  I cannot wait to work outside of the least a part-time job. 

Once my husband came home, all I wanted was to sleep in my bed with no interruptions.  Listening to a toddler cry all day is really draining.  I need to find those ear plugs.  Well, after 10 minutes of laying on my bed, I got up to get ready for a sushi dinner.  I never plan to do anything for myself on my birthday, so I didn't know who was going. Should we bring the kids or leave them home with the in-laws? At this point of the day, I just wanted to get pretty.  I looked like a hot mess all day and I wanted to look pretty decent on my special milestone day.


Wasn't sure if it was Date Night or Family Night...if not certain...go all out!

My "Romantic Curls"

Only if there was an exercise to make your head smaller...;).


Proud Parent Moment: Quinn eating RAW sushi!!


Oh My! Everyone is looking at the camera...few of these moments.

I cannot say that I had a lot of amazing birthdays. The 4 birthdays that I cherish the most are:

My 7th Birthday : My first birthday in the US with my parents (adopted)

My 8th Birthday : My Barbie Party at a Roller Rink. I was dresses as a gymnastic barbie.

13th Birthday :  My mom booked me and my 4 close friends at a hotel with a indoor pool and had a slumber party. 

My 19th Birthday : I went to Vegas for my first time and it was my first time getting out of California without my parents O_o.

Those are my favorites...because the rest were surprise birthday parties ruined by people who just cant be happy for you. Winter birthdays just plain sucks or other special occasions were first....OH thank you Valentine's Day! Stupid over-rated day of the year. Yeah, I got problems just like any other Well there is only 11 more minutes left for my birthday...I'm going to spend it with the hubby watch MTV...ha ha. Nite!



    That green dress is AMAZING! But, you look stunning in any outfit anyway!

    That's too bad that your little one is sick, my 2-year-old is sick too. He laid on my bed with me last night to watch a movie and ended up puking all over himself, me, my bed, and my pillow. So NOT a fun movie night. Lol.

    And yes, I was a stay-at-home mommy once too and it is TOUGH! I love my kids, but I was so relieved when I started working again. I think I get more stressed out in one day with my kids than I do in a week of work. So kudos to you, mama!

    You've got a lot more birthdays ahead of you, so I'm sure as your kids get older, you'll be able to add to your "amazing birthdays" list!

    Happy Birthday again!!!! And you have such a beautiful family!

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. Happy birthday! We share the same bday! Looks like you had a great time. Props to you for being a full time SAHM. It's definitely harder than any 9-5 job.


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