Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break: Road Trip

Hello Everyone! I'm back from spring break. Technically, it was my daughter's spring break, because this mom really didn't get much of a break.  I pretty much look like this the whole trip!

Yup, I pretty much gave into liquid substances such as coffee and energy drinks.  I say I gave in, because normally I don't like to depend anything to stay functional.  I think anything that you have to have (addicted) in order to be normal is bad :). But yeah...it was so bad yet so so good. Hee.

We road trip to Anaheim, CA for the very first time with the kids.

 I was just so fortunate that the kids were so good in the car and majority of the time they were like this!

 I drove 3 hours straight for the first time too.  Most of you might be saying that's not bad, but I usually drive down I-5 for an hour and exit to my parents house.  I-5 is so boring that 1 hr of driving is like 3 hours in the car.  So driving even 3 hrs down, was pure exhaustion.

From Bay Area to Kettleman City was 3hrs. We stopped and took a break at THE Cleanest bathroom in any fast food restaurant I have been to.  What other good things can you say about In-N- Out?

It was really nice until I noticed that about 120 missionary kids that came back from Mexico was getting in line to eat.  So got back in the car and went through the drive through. We ate in the car and let the kids run around the parking lot. Um, with full adult supervision, of course.

The road trip itself went better than I thought, would I want to drive to LA again...not likely.  Here are some other pictures during the trip going home.

Can't Pass Santa Nella, Ca without stopping at Pea Soup Andersen's Restaurant. They have clean restrooms with unique vintage decorations. Put your horse blinders on, they sell souvenirs, dry fruits and nuts and much much more!

 Warning!! Redonkulous Gas Prices Between the Grapevine and Kettleman City, Ca!! Make sure you fill up in Kettleman City, Ca if you are going South or before the Grapevine if you are going North of I-5!!
Nothing New, just a heads up :).


  1. IN n OUT!!!! YUMMY!
    Those gas prices in Cali are crazy. I think the highest these days for me her in Austin is about 3.89
    I love road trips. My little guys are the same...good and sleep most of the time

    1. Couple Moms wished me luck when I told them we were driving...lol. I laugh cause my kids are total opposites of theirs ;).

  2. Omg driving for 3 hours? I could not last. I'd probably hurl myself out of the car because my kids would drive me nuts!

    And I have never been to In n Out. I know I'm missing out! That looks soooo good! I will definitely eat there when I go out to Cali in October!

    ♥ Duckie.


    1. I tried Chick-fil-A for the first time...OMG!


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