Thursday, April 19, 2012

Versatile Blogger // Sunshine Award

I was graciously nominated for 2 awards, the Versatile Blogger Award and Sunshine Award from Jessica a.k.a. Duckie of Frikken Duckie.  She is beautiful, crafty, hilarious, and tells you things like an open book. She does not hold back in what she thinks and wants to write.  She has so much going for her, and I know she will go far if she keeps up her blogging. I am very much a big fan of hers. Go Duckie!

Versatile Blogger Award Rules:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2. Let them know that you have nominated them.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the bloggers that have nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

7 Random Facts about me:

1. I hate my "man hands", they are bony and athletic looking. I could be a hand model for Men's Wedding Rings.

2. I sleep with a blanket over my head, I sleep better if I'm wrapped like a cocoon.

3. I played volleyball, basketball, softball, golf and ran track in high school.

4. I still hold the girl's mile record for my Junior High School. 6:22

5. I love Nachos, don't bother me when I'm eating Nachos.

6. I love taking pictures of my Nachos before I eat it.

7. One time, I forgot to spell "THE"...yes, not my proudest moment.

Sunshine Award rules:

1. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
3. Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.
4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

10 Sunshine Award Questions:

Favorite Color? White and Black
Favorite animal? Pandas!
Favorite number? It was 3, now is 4.
Favorite non-alcoholic drink?  Water w/ lots of ice.
Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, you don't need to squeeze in one thought in 140 character limit.
My passion? Passion? I do not know yet, but I'll find it eventually.
Prefer getting or giving presents? I'd rather give cash as a present, buying your own gift is more fun.
Favorite pattern? I do not like patterns, its makes my right eye twitch.
Favorite day of the week? Sunday is Fun-day. (@Duckie, you should do Sunday Fun-day at least once a month:) )
Favorite flower? I hate getting flowers because I kill them...but love the look of Tulips, the versatile of carnations and smell of greenery.

My Nominees:


Since I am slightly new to the whole blogging world, most that I follow has been blogging for years or already has been nominated for these awards.  I know I'm probably not doing this right, but I feel like everyone who is new to blogging should have the right to get these awards.  If you haven't received these, let your followers/readers know I gave it to you. 

I appreciate everyone who stops by my blog.  For those who come by but don't have a blog of their own, I strongly encourage you to have one. Its a way to express yourself and meet different people around the world.  Without the blogging world, I couldn't have said this today, "Ive become friends with this cool chick in Guam and she totally gets me". :).  How amazing is that?  Nuff Said.

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  1. Lol! I love you twin! And I think you're an amazing blogger. You're funny and witty, it's only a matter of time until the rest of the blogging world sees that too!

    ♥ Duckie.


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