Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weight Loss Update: April 2012

Ha! What weight loss??  I have gained 3 pounds back. :(. I have been running more than doing any P90X exercises. You know that feeling when you feel like someone is watching/looking at you and when you look, someone is watching/looking at you? Well, I have been having a lot of that feeling lately. Why you ask? Well, my Muffin Top is staring back at me recently and its making a comeback!  It is so hard to ignore, what a bitch! LOL. It just don't want to disappear and go away. Yes, I am at fault because I have been feeding it oh so goody goodness this last past month.  I will change that real soon. 

Starting May 1st, I will restart my good eating habits. I know it will only last until my Cabo San Lucas  trip in the summer. :).  Hey, its better than nothing, right? Right!  I haven't been eating crap crap, just crap. Mostly sugary candies...and my kryptonite...Nachos!  Yeah, I said it.  I been to few sporting events this month and well...I indulge a little. Okay, a lot!  You are what you eat. I am a big fat nachos with all the fixings. Oh, I'm delicious!

In a serious note. I will continue to be a great role model and start eating healthier again. I will not eat Nachos for 3 months!  With that being are the last two Nachos I ate. [insert the saddest face here]

I just wish that my stomach looked as good as my legs.  But then, you use your legs without even thinking about it. Ugh, its gonna be hard to lose this monster of a beast.  It is extra hard after having two beautiful daughters. As you can see from before and after pictures in my past posts, my daughter helped in with my current tummy bulge, saggy fun bags and major tiger strips. The great stuff that you will now have to dodge when you become pregnant in your

I will make a vlog stating all the great stuff you have to face. I will tell you what your mother will never tell you. Your Welcome!  Well, gonna burn some calories by continuing my spring cleaning. Blog you guys later!  xx.


  1. OMG those look soooo good! And I'm totally with you on trying to eat healthier! Key word is TRYING. I know that if I came face to face with nachos I would lose. Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. omg! these looks amazing, I am so impressed! I love cooking but have never tried this.


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