Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Favorites: Old Navy Flip Flops


As majority of you all know, I ran my first half marathon last Sunday and got my toes bruised. It has gotten a nice color to them and I have been wearing nothing but flip flops this week.  So my Friday Favorites are Old Navy Flip Flops!

For some reason or another, I can not wear any flip flops other than the Old Navy brands. Actually, it must be the flat regular ones, I can not wear the wedge ones either. If I wear a different brand, I always get blisters between the big and second toe. If that's not enough, I also walk like a retarded chicken.  I envy all girls and guys that are able to where cute stylish sandals. These are other styles I can not wear, but wish I could.

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 Here are my current collection of old navy flip flops. Even though they only cost $2.50 (2 for $5,  $3.94 retail), I never seem to want to get more than what I own. 

My crazy obsessive behavior I have and get with my flip flops:

My favorite color was pink, so I wore all shades of pink last summer.  My favorite color is now blue so I may switch it up this summer. =). My go-to sandal color is and always will be black. I had white ones, but they get really dirty really fast so I toss them at the end of the year.

Even when my sister's dog chewed up on my brown (as shown above) $2.50 flip flop, I kept on wearing them. You know as time goes and you wear out the flip flop for a while? Doesn't it just feel so good, because it hugs your feet just right?  I was so pissed at the dog for awhile because it was my favorite flip flop at the time.  I still to this day, have a grudge against that

One time, my sister who has bigger feet than me, borrowed my shoes without asking. I got heated because she stretched out my shoes. I gave it to her cause it just didn't fit right on me after she wore them. I didn't like the fact that I had to buy another pair and wear out the shoes to my liking all over again.

Old Navy flip flops are so comfortable, waterproof and very very affordable!  So why not get $20 worth of shoes every season of the year? My reasons is this plain and simple. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I think I have been with my husband way too long. lol. Too much of a good thing, is not good for you. Also they do clutter the shoe rack/entryway.

If you haven't thought of this before, and if you have...good for you =). These flip flops are so affordable, put a new and clean pair in your over sized purses (I know a few that are guilty of this) to have them just in case. You never know when your heels/feet are on fire and have your stilettos have a break, i.e. Bart, taxi, car, walking to work. They are so cheap that you can recycle or throw them away.

I may love these flip flops, but I can't wait til I am able to wear regular tennis shoes and boots again.  Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous Mamas out there!! Enjoy the weather to the fullest, never know when Mother nature will change her mind and reek havoc!


  1. Lol you sound like me and my rainbows! But they are a lot more expensive and when my dog chewed them up I was so made at her for a whole hour. I swear they are my most worn shoes.

    Congrats on the marathon btw. I loved reading your blog about it! I cant believe those pink tutus were from the kids section. I would have never known.
    I talked to my boyfriend about either walking or running a small marathon for a cause. You inspired me!

    1. Lol. I'm over dramatic person when it comes to my stuff. The only person who gets to ruin my things, are

      Thanks sarah for your sweet compliment. I'm sure if you want to look up a charity of your choice, I'm sure they have a event /race benefiting it. I hope your bf will support you's really a great bonding experience. If not your bf, ask your girlfriends! :-).


  2. Ouch! Your foot looks very painful with those bruises, hopefully it will get better soon.
    Flip flops is something I cannot wear for long, it can get very painful and uncomfortable, honestly do not why ...
    I'm still intrigued why my button doesn't work here, if other bloggers haven't had a situation with it...

    1. Hi Val! Yeah only flip flops I could wear without a problem are these. So comfortable to wear at amusement parks and shopping

      I tried to cut and paste your info to duckie's format like I did with mine but still not working. I even tried to use your other button as you can see on the right. Let me know if you know others are having a problem or you fixed it.

  3. LOVE Old Navy's flip flops! We always stock up on those when we go there! They're cheap and they've got every single color and they last a pretty long time too! I don't have a problem wearing other brands, but Old Navy's are so frikken affordable that there's no reason not to have them in every color!

    And OMG I totally LOL'd when I read your comment on my post! I'm sure you'll be able to lose that weight girl! But if you wanna send me something anyway, I really can't complain. Lol!

    ♥ Duckie.

  4. I used to be obsessed with flip flops (still kinda am) and I would buy a pair in every color and every sort of pattern I could find. I now have a giant box with just flip flops... it's sick. Haha, but whatever, you can never have enough flip flops! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. wowwie! what a selection of flipflops!!!! xx!


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