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WARNING: THIS POST IS THE LONGEST POST I EVER WROTE...TOOK ME 2 DAYS TO WRITE AND POST...ENJOY!! There are some photos that did not make it to this post, I was too excited to wait. I will update it once I get the pictures.

Beginning of my weight loss journey in June 2011, I gave myself some goals and checklists to accomplish. 
  • Be Mentally and Physically Healthy! 
           - Check off (03/2012) at my Annual Physical
  • Getting back to my skinny clothes! size 4/6 
           - Check off (04/2012) CLICK HERE
  • Need to retire my maternity clothes. 
           - Check off (10/2011) Just looked unattractive in them...lol.
  • Want to climb half dome
  • Run a half marathon
           - Check off (05/2012) at the SF Diva Half Marathon

So this Sunday, May 6th I ran my very first half marathon. The previous race before this one was a Susan G Komen 5K way back in 2009. The Half Marathon was called the SF Diva Half Marathon. The event was actually held in Burlingame, CA. Man, I tell you. It will be one of the most memorable moments of my life. I have always wanted to run a marathon and now, I could say that I did half of one :). It is truly a test of endurance, will, and strength both mentally and physically.

Day before Race Event:  Saturday, May 5, 2012

The day before the race, I had to pick up my bib from the designated location. They are really strict about what, when, where, how and who needs to pick up the bibs. When I went to the pick up, they didn't have my bib right away. So I had to go to the "solutions" booth. I told them my name without showing my I.D. and one of the girls said, "stay here" and left for a few minutes and then came back and tossed the bag at me and said, "here" and went back to sit down. Rude! Um, thanks...lol.
This is what I got inside the bag:

Bib, 4 small safety pins, 2 pages of parking locations, and a T-shirt for $85 plus $6.99 processing fee
After my bib pick up, my husband and I went to a noodle soup place, Thanh Ky. The house has been overcoming a sore throat or getting over a cold. We all have been sucking on Halls Throat drops for 4 days straight. My first "carb loading" meal of the day and it was just what we needed. So good!
Chow Jew Ho Fun via my Instagram
After lunch, I dropped off my husband and I went to Modesto to help my Sissy (oldest sister) move her stuff out of her house. My dad and I went to her storage unit about 3 times. I was trying really hard to avoid any injuries to my legs and arms. Everything was good, until I saw a cockroach. It was near my Baby Sister's foot. At the time, I was up on the bed of the truck. I pointed and yelled, "EW, A COCKROACH!". Baby Sister freaked out just a tad and threw a heavy box that she was holding right up at my left shin. I got hella heated, and cussed her out for not watching out for my precious limbs right before my BIG race. lol. I definitely over reacted, but at the time, I thought I was right. I walked it off and teared up a little and went to the storage place for the last time.

Side Note: My sisters and I could have the worst fight in the world but after we calm the hell down and EAT, we are best of friends again. In this case, I knew that my Baby Sister was just freaked out, and it wasn't her fault. It was just a quick reflex and scared reaction. I am just glad that my leg just hurt for a little while. Thank Goodness.

After moving, everyone who was there helping on moving day went out to Johnny Carino's, a Italian restaurant near my sister's house. When we were deciding where to eat, I requested anywhere we can go to eat pasta!  I was really hungry and thirty at this point. I had nothing but a bowl of noodles around 12:00pm and cup of coffee around 2:30pm. It was about 6:58pm when I got my dinner and a big glass of ice water to hydrate. It was really good until the last 3 bites. It was way too buttery at that point.

Seafood Fettuccine w/ white wine butter sauce instead of the options Spicy Marinara or Alfredo Cream Sauce
After dinner, we went back to my Sissy's house to film the 4 sisters (Sissy 31, Me 30, Lil Sister 25, Baby Sister 21) having a conversation. It was a filming project that my Baby Sister had to do for her college course. We just had to sit and talk like we normally do. We are freakin hilarious, way better than the Kardashian sisters...lol.  There was no furniture, so we just sat in a corner of my sister's empty room.  Maybe one day, once my Baby Sister is done editing, I could share it with you all.

After filming, I said my good byes.  It turned out that my Baby Sister needed a ride home, so we got in my car and drove to Target. I needed to get a tutu for me and Karen, my race buddy. Target didn't have any cute ones but the helpful employee there told me that Wal-Mart was close by and they had cute ones. My Baby Sister and I hauled ass and went to Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart didn't have solid fuchsia tutus in the kids or adult section. There were few sets of tutus. One tutu had a layer look of  purple, pink and yellow, but my eye twitched just looking at it. There was a Hello Kitty one but the print was way too childish.  I was losing hope and time, but at the corner of my eye I saw some ruffles in the toddler section. I looked and saw fuchsia tutus. Desperate and tired, I grabbed the only 5T and 4T tutus I could find. I will cut the sides with the scissors if its too tight. Next, I quickly grabbed contract eye drops just in case my contacts got dried. Next, at the check out area, I grabbed Nutella to-go snack pack for Aubree to try and Baby Sister wanted sour punch straws that cost $1. We paid and left.  I dropped my Baby Sister off at her house 20 minutes away from my house and drove back home.

 I didn't get home until 10:30pm. When I got home, I did some laundry and checked my blog and emails. Around 11:30pm, I laid out my clothes. I set the alarm for 4am and went to bed.

Laying out my clothes for race day, trying to decide what I should wear...^_^

Race Day:  Sunday, May 6, 2012

At 2:15am, I woke up with a tummy ache. I was thinking, "crap did I get food poisoning from eating seafood?" I went to relieve myself and went back to bed. I couldn't go straight to bed, I was getting butterflies in my stomach. So I tossed and turned until about 3am.

I woke up at 4am, and started to get nervous. After I got dressed, I Google'd for hairstyles that past Diva runners wore on race day. Knowing that I was wasting time, I just made a decision on putting my hair in a bun and put a small bow in my hair. Karen checked in to see if I was awake, and I text'd her what I was wearing...

She text'd me of herself brushing her teeth. I was like, oh yeah, need to brush my own teeth...lol. So I did.  Before I took my socks and shoes on, I put band-aids on the areas of my feet that has been getting small blisters. I hoped that they would stay still and hoped for the best. Karen picked me up at 5:30am. I went to her car and asked, "What do I need!?' and She responded, "Do you have water?" "Oh dang, no...be right back."

So off we went. We were so excited. We talked about what we did on Cinco de Mayo, the Supermoon, and talked about few strategies and what we need to do right when we get there. How we need to go to the porta potty to go #2. We need to empty ourselves out before we run...lol TMI (Too Much Information), I know. Since I planned our outfits, she had to change. She was going to look like my mini me.

"My running partnar in crime"...lol. "I look like a over-sized Toddler"- Karen

All smiles before the event, waiting 45 minutes to an hour in the porta potty line.
"Ready to burn rubber, shoes? Calf Compressors, please help me not get shin splints. Heart, don't give out, out of exhaustion. Muscles, please don't cramp up. Tennis shoes, don't get untied. Body, please do me this big favor and do great.  Please let me finish the race...Please and Thank yous!!" -Keena.

Before I registered the half marathon, my goal was to run it under 2 hours. I told myself that I would train and workout to be in top shape. But as most of all you know, I didn't train but ran 27.5 miles within 2 weeks prior to the race.

-I ran 8 miles around a high school track.
-I ran 6.5 miles around a lake with Karen.
-I ran 9 miles around a lake by myself.
-I ran 4 miles around a lake with Karen and Annette.

Race time was at 7:30am. We reached the front of the line at 7:21am. I ended up not being able to go # deuce! Ugh. I felt uncomfortable to try and got out.  We jogged to the starting line.

We thought since I didn't train as I planned, we would start at the 10:00-11:00 mins per mile pace. Our New goal was to finish by 02:15-02:30. We decided to walk if we needed to. Karen assured me that we could take water and bathroom breaks, if I needed to.

I had butterflies feelings in my stomach as I waited in the "starting line". My heart was racing and my hands were clamming. "This is it", I said to myself. But then, I repeated it out loud few times after that...lol.

The beginning of the race, I was really annoyed just a tad, because people were walking from the very start and was not respectful to move aside for the runners. Karen and I had to weave ourselves side to side to dodge walkers/more slow pace runners (14 minutes per mile). It threw us off because instead of running in a nice steady pace, we had to make sure we don't step on their heels.

I asked Karen if she wants to hear some music from the Pandora station on the iPhone. She said "No, I just want to listen to you".  I was thinking, so we're planning to talk the whole way through this.  I was like okay, and put my phone back in my Spibelt. I never took the phone out ever since. Before the race, I was planning on listening to music and take pictures of the whole experience.  That plan never happened. Once, I really got into my mental running zone, nothing really was in my agenda except to finish this race.  Oh, and please don't get hurt...lol.

Around Mile 2, the traffic got less bunched up...I was in a mental state mode where I didn't want to stop for anything. Not for water, not for the bathroom or for a lady that tripped and fell right in the middle of a tight path. I know that I was mean to keep running but I heard 3 people help her up and she said she was fine. My body was like if you stop now, you're gonna ruin the pace that you currently have.

I was doing really good until Mile 5, I felt my right foot cramping up, but I didn't stop running.
I heard one of Britney Spears songs and looked up. I saw a water station coming by. I was like oh its the half way mark! yay! Right?! No, psych! Still more to go to get there!  What a tease! Ugh.

Mile 6 was here at last, we had to turn a left U-turn up a narrow dirt path...there were 3 really handsome guys at the bend giving runners high five as they passed. I was not in the mood for it at this point. At the last second, I smiled and reached for their hands. I appreciate all the support and smiles of all the volunteers/spectators that took the time to cheer us on.

I didn't even know that we passed Mile 7. I didn't see the marker, we were running up a slight hill. I told Karen this is the longest mile ever! Karen asked sarcastically, "But you love it, right"? I thought, "oh, shes good" and I smiled and said "YES!". This one time, I saw Diego Sanchez  chant "YES" repeatedly on his walk out to the octagon ring at one of his fights. I somehow remembered that, and started to Chant, Yes!....Yes!....Yes! on the freaking lil hills we came across. I think people were giggling as I passed them. But hey, you got to do, what you got to do to pump yourself up, right?

Mile 8, both feet was bothering me because I felt my middle toes overlapping my second toe. The left one wasn't bad as my right, but I kept going.

Just as we passed the Mile 10 marker, Karen asked me, "So the most you ever ran was 9 miles, right?" I pathetically responded, "yes" and she returned and told me, "Congratulations girl, you just passed your record". This woman is awesome, she just knows what to say to me. That pumped me up to keep going even more!

By Mile 11, my right toes were hurting really bad, I knew it was cut cause it stung time to time in my shoe.
via (the mile makers look like this)

It was about the 12.5 miles mark and my right foot really was in a jam, so I told Karen that I have to walk for a bit to"straighten" myself out, cause my foot was really annoying me, so if I gave in a little to my foot, maybe...just maybe it will let me finish the race. We walked for 20-30 seconds...cause the people that we just passed, were passing us.  My competitiveness took over and told me to pass them again. So we did. :).

My dad waited around 400 yards left of the race...He started to run along aside of with us and told me it was ONLY 200 yards away.  "2 Football fields to go, 2 football fields to go", I chanted to myself to push me even further.  Boy, were his calculations off a tad...lol.  Longest football fields ever!!
Never saw myself run before, this made me think about this
Cracks me up whenever, I see this.

Kickin Dust to the finish line.
My mom was near the finish line, she said that I dogged her when she called my name while I passed her. The guy next to her told her, "Man, is she happy to see you".  lol. I felt bad, I don't remember that moment. All I remembered is that I started sprinting as I saw that the finish line grew near. My adrenaline peaked and I couldn't stop. I just needed to finish the race. My feet were aching so bad and I wanted it to be over. I left Karen behind, we didn't finish the race together side by side.  Its something I totally regret now. She was 7 seconds behind me tho. So she held her own :).

My Race Results!!
I ran my very first Half Marathon in 02:05:33!! We finished before our goal time.
Going next to my adult softball trophies...Nah, I'm gonna start a running section...lol.

Tiara'd, Boa'd, Medal'd and Rose'd with a bottle of water after the race.
Me and My Parents, my only non-participating supporters at the event.  I love you guys!! They truly are the most amazing pair/parents/people/couples that you can ever meet in your life.
Thank you, Karen for making the last minute decision to run this Half marathon with me. Thank you for your support, friendship and being just a awesome person! You made this experience so memorable. I absolutely love that I got to share it with you. Thank you again for the push when I needed it and the emotional strength to carry me through the finish line..lol! Hope for more half marathons and at least 1 actual marathon in our future! xx.-Keena.
My after race feast. It touched the grass, but I didn't care. It was sooooooo good. Dirt, grass and all. lol. Whoever thought of the idea of giving champagne after a half marathon...Genius!
 My injuries that I received for not being 100% ready:

Left Foot: 3 bruised toes
Right Foot: Minor bruised second pinky toe and 2 bloody toes
Karen showing her loose toe nail...gag.
Airing our feet and awed in amazement...lol.
My parents drove us back to the designated parking lot six miles away from the running site. My parents beamed proudly and told me that I did great. At the parking lot, there were long hugs, kisses and mom gave me some gummy bears for the ride back home (No matter how old I am, I still feel like the little 6 year old that they adopted 23 and a half years ago). We said our goodbyes and we went our separate ways. Parents went to the San Francisco Giants game, while Karen and I drove back home.

I got home about 12pm. I talked to my mother in law, talked to the kids, talked to the husband, took a much needed shower and took a nap.

Went home and slept for 5 1/2 hours.

Today, I am a bit sore but still grinning ear to ear. My toes are purple and numb. I can not put any closed toe shoes on yet. I turned out much better than I excepted tho. Would I do a half marathon again...you betcha! Sorry this post was super long. I was and still am very excited about the whole experience. I definitely know what I need to do next time. SF Diva Half Marathon was a great learning experience. My mom and I are debating to go to the one in Hawaii. Karen and I are definitely gonna do SF again next year! Yay! Whose coming with us?

My winter toes are out, dont judge, I just ran 13.1 miles in one day...teehee.
 Thank you for stopping by my blog! Hope this will inspire you to do a half marathon yourself! See you next time! Chow! No, seriously...I'm hungry. Steak! It's whats for dinner!


  1. That is awesome!! You have truly motivated me!

    1. Thanks Jena!! You can do it!! Even if you walk it, its a great experience...There were so many groups of ladies having a great time just being there!!


  2. You are an AMAZING person and I'm so proud of you!

    I would definitely love to see that video once its ready! That's kind of like me and my sister, see we could totally join our families together. Lol.

    Your outfits were awesome and totally matched your boas and medals! I loved that you wrote this long post, I took in every single word of it and it made me feel like I was there running with you - even though I would have died out at the 1 mile marker.

    Congratulations on your first half marathon, on breaking your record, and on accomplishing your goals!

    ♥ Duckie.


    1. Hi Twin!

      Thanks so much! Means a lot coming from you:). I really am so happy that its over with tho. You know, to get my first marathon out of the way. Hey, if you want to go to the Puerto Rico Diva Half Marathon, Ill walk it with you!! lol. That would be so much fun!!

      With your sense of craftiness, I'm sure you can plan out our outfits really fun and creative!

      If you are anything like me, and its so weird that I have so much in common with you...our family would definitely gel well together!

      Thank you for your support! You are a Godsend :).


  3. Reading this just made my day! You are an awesome, inspirational, funny-as-hell diva JOCK, and I'm so glad we ran this race together! Yes, you can run me into the dust, but give it up for the old lady, I got 15 years on you! LOL! But really, you're my first-ever running buddy, and I treasure you more than you know. So proud of you and your accomplishments. And if you wanna run a sub-2 hr half, let's sign up for another flat one - maybe See Jane Run 1/2 in Alameda June 3? You can listen to music this time if you want ; ) Love you, Mrs. Lee!
    - Karen (aka Yolanda)

    1. Everything I wrote is from the heart and lady, you are definitely a inspirational role model. I hope I will be still kickin dust in peoples face as well as you at your young age of you know what!! lol.

      June 3rd? gotta think about that one...lol. If my toes heals...(it gotten worse...awk) maybe. Is it near Alameda Beach? That would be nice and flat and purdy. :).

      I adore you!! Ill call you when my feet is well enough to run again! How long does it take for your toe nail to heal or fall out? blah.


  4. looks like a fun event! love your uniforms! so cute!


    1. Thank You Babi!

      Thank you for stopping by my blog! :)


  5. Omg congratulations girl, your story was so inspirational. Thats great you finished before ur goal time, and not to mention u looked cute doing it!! :) That was soo sweet about ur parents, congrats again girl u did it!!!

    1. Thanks Stephanie:)!!

      My parents are the best!! They are so cute together:). Thank you for all your compliments! I hope you have a great day today!


  6. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you just ran a half marathon, that is so awesome and big congrats!! I don't think I can even run 1 mile, unless I was chasing after a sale, ha. Your outfit was adorable. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Thanks Yi-chia! Im sure if you have enough time to train, you definitely can do it.


  7. what an amazing feat!!!! That is such an awesome thing to do, i could NEVER even do that- well never say never, but I start panting like a little puppy after just one mile! You are amazing and an inspiration to many. xO!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and sweet comments! I hope some day you will get to experience the most amazing feelings you get after a race like a marathon or half at that. I enjoyed it tremendously. Just doing a race for a great cause is a great feeling itself. All races do need volunteer cheerleaders, Im sure anyone would love to see you cheer them on!...lol.



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