Monday, October 29, 2012

Makeover Mondays :Loreal Paris Feria DIY dye kits

Box Dyed w/ Salon Highlights (whole head)
I have dyed my hair by myself since I was 8th grade. I believe I was around 13 at the time.  The very first dye kit I used was Clairol's Nice and Easy. Its the one with Ammonia and Lead in it. Things that the scientists found out later on.  Remember, this is around 1995. lol. It took forever to grow out my hair to cut it off. I dyed my hair a shade lighter but I looked like a skunk because the previous color job of blue black I dyed before.
Boxed Dyed with 1/2 head of salon highlights
As years gone by, the hair dyeing kits got better and by experimenting with few brands here and there. I have found a brand that I can rely on. The brand is L'oreal Paris Feria. For $2-3 dollars more, you really do get your moneys worth. I have used platinum blonde to Blackest Black and it has never failed me. I always have used the Permanent Level, so I don't have to dye my hair continuously.  For being a child or being a student, I didn't have the luxury to dye my hair at a professional salon all the time.

<--------To save money, I would dye my hair to a golden brown  and get highlights at a local salon at my hometown. I chose this color because this model was probably the only Asian Model for L'Oreal and she didn't have black When I moved to the bay area, I got a big reality check. The Salons around these parts want 2 to 3 times more than what I would pay around my hometown parents house. It is pretty ridiculous, because I have had my hair done at a high end salon, and I did not like the results at all. What I hate the most, is that the colorist act like they know what they are talking about, but what they do is making my hair look absolutely worse than before. Thinking, the more money I spend the better look of my hair? Wrong! Dead wrong.
So after spending around $1000 on colorists...about $120 a process in one year, I threw my hands up. I told my self that, if anybody is going to fuck up my hair again, It will be me. I can't hate myself forever, right? lol.  So I got on the computer to search for great temporary boxed dye kits around. The one that end up buying was THIS:
What it looks like on the front...

Darkest Brown Espresso

Posted on Instagram so I don't chicken out...

Lay out a blanket or a towel that you dont care that it gets stained, on the floor...
Before Straight
Before Curled

Bad lighting, but here is the before picture...
What you get in the box...

Instructions for Dummies...

Gloves Included...


Its about to go down!!

YouTube Name is Mrslee2006 Click Video Above

I just haven't found a stylist that I would be a repeat customer this is what I will do in the mean time. 



Friday, October 26, 2012


YouTube now lets you pic your own thumbnails and of course when I have the opportunity to do it, I didn't make one as of yet...story of my life! Ha!

Well, hello everyone and my FAB 8!! I am back and I will be posting more than you could want to read or watch!  I hope this is what you guys been waiting for. My life is no means too exciting and oh so fab, but sharing with you guys is fun and exciting and just another way to get to know about each other. 

I have missed you guys in the blog world and Ill be stopping by your blogs like I had done before.  These past 3 months was really great. I did a lot with my family. Those of you who have Instagram didn't really miss much, but Ill post more pictures than just 1or 2 pictures (limit to what #IGers wants to see on their feed) here.

I don't know if you guys are a fan of YouTube or a closeted one, but please subscribe to my channel!  My SN name is MrsLee2006.  

The video above lets you know:

1. Why I cut my hair
   a. Over processed fried
   b. Forms like a rat nest when I wake up
   c. Change is good
   d. Better than having bangs
2. What I have been doing 
   a. Facebook Chefville
3. I quit drinking.
   a. After a really bad hangover.
   b. Every time my husband asks me if I want to drink any kind of alcohol, he owes me $100. ( So far,  he owes me $200. Haha.)

4. What I made recently
   a.  Be a Macgyver and use what you have around at home.

Happy Kid, Happy Mommy <3

5. I want to do a giveaway, perhaps a Urban Decay Naked Palette.
   a. The first giveaway winner will be one of my blogs friends from the beginning of my blog    journey.  So I am open to suggestions requests?
    b.  A collab giveaway would be more fun if everyone got involved and would get more followers and get your blogs out there. 

Anywho, Missed you ladies and those who have been following from the start. But honestly, I give love to those who show some love to me. I hate dislike one sided relationships. Feel Me? Well, my next post will be out soon. Thanks Ladies for your patience and thank you to the new followers while I was out!! 

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