Saturday, January 12, 2013

Family Outings: Aquarium of the Bay/ Pier 39

I really hate dislike winter time, especially for my kids. The weather is so harsh on their delicate porcelain skin. Nah, they have skin of a rice paddy farmer pickers...just like their momma. lol. During Quinn's winter break, the whole family was cooped up indoors sick. We had planned on going skiing sledding up in the mountains day after Christmas, but being under the weather kept us indoors. When I saw that the kids were feeling better, I decided on looking for something to do outside of the house, but indoors.

I was not having any luck searching on Google, so I stopped to check my email. Few times a week, I get a emails from Livingsocial and Groupon on discounted price specials in cities around where I live. In a Groupon email, one of the daily specials was a year membership for Aquarium of the Bay. The Aquarium of the Bay membership retail price is $100 for Family Plus but through Groupon, I got my Family Plus membership for $49.

I have never been to this aquarium, but I couldn't pass up this deal. I was thinking for $49, its like a 1 day pass for a family of 4 plus 1. If I didn't like the place, at least it was money well spent just to see what the aquarium has to offer. We also did pay $3 less than the regular entrance fee. If we wanted to go again this year, we get to get in for free after the first visit. Keep in mind that Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, so we need to pay for the $5 toll to cross the bay bridge and $15 for parking.  So the first trip there costs $70, but visits after that...around $20.

Aquarium of the Bay is quite small. It wasn't that crowded on the Friday we went on. It takes less than a hour to see all the animals. The 7 yr old, Quinn didn't get too excited about being there at all.  It was like pulling teeth to get a smile out of her. The 2 year old, Aubree on the other hand grabbed my hand to all the tanks and wanted to look at all the different species that the aquarium had. 

The photos below are what I captured:

Center Level (Discover the Bay): 

 Under Ground Level (Under the Bay):


 Top Level (Touch the Bay): is touch and feel area. You are able to touch starfish and mini stingrays. There are bees and lizards on this level. I didn't take any pictures on this floor because I was holding up the kids to look and feel.

The outing to the aquarium itself was a okay...5 of 10 honestly. The other kids there were making me crazy and because there is not a lot of space between me and them...make me more bonkers than ever. I'm not saying that my kids are perfect...but pretty close. There are some parents who are clueless and just should not have kids if they are not going to watch them in public. I think there should be a citizens arrest kind of a ticket where others can give to other parents for being morons. I would go back there again, just because I am able to go there for free from now on.  I dont think I will be renewing my membership next year.

After the Aquarium:

The best thing about this trip was the location. It is located on Pier 39 and near Fisherman's Wharf. After the aquarium, we looked around the pier. We had lunch at Hook & Cook. Clam Chowder Bread Bowls were so yummy.

 We shared a bucket of mini donuts at Trish's Mini Donuts, not gonna say in what order we got the foods...just say, we got more sweet tooths in the family than clam chowder lovers.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciate the new followers to the blog as well.  Tell me what you parents do for your kids on cold winter's day. Until next time, Stay Healthy and Fabulous!!



  1. great pics! ;)
    kisses pretty

  2. Thanks for taking us to that place in instant :) I love aqauatic life and I owned three fishes. They die -_-
    Oh this lovely girl with spoon :D

    Aree With Umbrella

    1. No Prob...I'm going to do more reviews from now on, especially on the days I have a no clue what to blog

      Fishes are extremely hard to take care of, one off thing and they die. Betta Fishes are pretty easy, but you only can have 1 fish in a bowl at a time, which can be lil boring...:(. I would love to own a big tropical Fish tank if i ever own a big house to house it with.

      thanks for visiting...


  3. Love it! The photos are awesome! We have a place like that here on Guam, maybe I should post about it too!

    The girls look so cute!!! Now where's the pictures of you???

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. Please do! I would love to see more of Beautiful Guam through your eyes. Yes, you didn't see me, right? I have one of the husbands/ male significant who doesn't think twice about capturing our adventures. and he is the worse when it comes to taking


  4. awesome photos! nice to see u back here!!!!!! xO!

  5. Those last four pictures are killing me....she's too adorable!!!!




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