Friday, March 22, 2013

Makeup Monday / hauls

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry that I have been neglecting your blogs, it is not my intention. Right now for some reason, I do not have Internet for my computer and iPad. We are using wi-fi for all tech gadgets we own. And ever since I uploaded a video I have made (which took 7 hours) my computer does not want to connect to online. I got the bloglovin app uploaded on my phone but I just can't use it, it a bit annoying to use in a small screen. No lame excuses but I prefer to use the Big WideScreen for blog reading now that there's 50% more of you now.

I also been busy cleaning house and chasing a 'terrible twos' toddler around. Recently she got into my makeup and had a ball with them.  Thankfully she doesn't ingest or put anything in her mouth that's not edible. 

I have been waiting to get Internet connection to my computer to blog and use the google reader.  But being REALLY patient for a few days, still no luck. So I write to you via iPhone. And let me tell you,  this sucks balls. Kekeke. Balls. Oh geez. 

Well this is a late post but I am attempting to publish this now than in two weeks, since our mini family will be in SoCal all next week near Legoland/San Diego. Yup, Spring Break for Quinnie!! So excited, no school for me too!! 

I posted these videos on YouTube on Monday but not a lot of you follow me there so tada here they are. I know majority of you don't have YouTube access, so please let me have a slight break and I'll try to post pictures later today. And once I have a better tech to read your blogs, I'll give your blog all the love it deserves. De a jour me amour de lover. <---- have no clue what wanna be French I just spew to you guys, hope its translated to I adore you you my loves. Haha. I usually google "French translation but I am not leaving my current page to find out...I have lost my last post because of it. *le sigh. Okay okay. My pointer finger is cramping and hurts now. 

So ado my pets and watch these videos until my absence. Facebook or Instagram me til I come back. Leave me comments. I WILL BE BACK!! And I will have a giveaway real soon!! I won't disappoint!! Unless you don't live in the US. But I haven't decided the shipping part just yet. / Haul Part 1 / Haul Part 2

If you had to choose one to watch, watch part 2. It's unedited, not that my editing skills is on point yet. I'm describing the sample products I got in a bonus makeup bag from Richard Chai. It's basically my first impressions on the brands and how I don't like samples and my why and reasons. 

Until next time, oh there will be a next time!!!

Stay healthy and fabulous!!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

WTF SATURDAY: Google Friends Connect Going Away??

So I really can't say nothing too kind about this topic. I didn't even know I had to write something about this until today...but it was brought to my attention by Elisa over at NAMELESS FASHION BLOG that it is going bye bye. Then I went to Rachael's Blog over at LETTERS from a MERMAID and commented on what she had to say. She even included (specify) that not only that Google Reader is going but the WHOLE GFC option is going bye bye.

It got me thinking that, Yes! Its absolutely gonna suck to lose some of your readers because not everyone is going to follow you back...because majority of my followers has either stopped blogging or don't have a blog. Or just most just asked to add each other just to get a follower...which at first pissed me off but I got over it and just don't follow them as much as I used to when i figured out that its only one sided.

But the thing this a hoax? Google has tried to shut down GFC last year too. My source is HERE. Is this another way to get bloggers united and get this topic trending in other social medias, twitter and what have you? If it is...its smart in their part...but a real inconvenience to bloggers that has to write a HELP Me blog post to keep their blog safe from stray followers.

Well I hope the GFC is not going away. I know majority of bloggers I know rely on this tool, including me. Like  I wrote in Rachael's Comment Space:

"I just heard this from a fellow blogger! I'm so mad about this...wth. It literally took me months to figure out that Google Reader exists. waaaaaaaahhhhh. now its been handy and gonna be gone before i can fully utilize it. blah. Im gonna do a post about this now that I am writing you a big ass paragraph lol. Thanks for the inspiration. But I will follow you...i got yo back!"

Before I knew Google Reader existed...I literally went to everyone on my GFC's Profiles and checked on their blogs that way....WHAT A FRIGGIN LOSER, I was...LOL. BUT thankfully I only had 56 followers then...haha. Still it was a real pain in the arse for me. Definitely TIME CONSUMING. So if the Google Reader goes with GFC...Im a lost duck.

So with all that SAID....PLEASE ADD ME on BLOGLOVIN and FACEBOOK and I WILL DEFINITELY Follow you back! I was like, why is everyone adding to bloglovin all of the there a contest? well for the person who always seem to hear things last...this is one news I am dreading.

Well hope you all are having a great weekend none the less. I love all my blog friends and I hope this news didnt hit you as hard as it has on the two ladies I have mentioned above.

Until Next Time, Stay Healthy and Fabulously Sane...


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday: Low Carb Omelette Scramble

 Hello Everyone...Old and New!

Last week, I was on a no Carb and no Sugar detox. I was getting ready for my Carb Backloading diet. You can get more info about it if you just Google 'Carb Backloading'. It was tailored to men at first but women are doing this lifestyle diet too. I am only doing this to support my family that is doing this together. Yes,all 6 of us are doing this. It is really hard to do so far (a lot of label reading and Im screaming for some SUGARy Snacks!!) but will continue until I get a little bit more results. It has been really fun to do with my whole mediate family. You should read our mass text messages to one another...a lot of bitching and moaning for the first 10 days for sure. lol. Oh, I love my family! I'm so happy that we are rooting and supporting one another. Lets see how long we can do this. I will post my desire wants and what not on a 'Fitness Friday' link up.

So for the the post itself, this was a recipe I made for myself for the ultra low carb detox. Please 'Season to Taste'. I am one to not add too much sauce or what not. I like my food pretty straight forward and bland. Keep reading on and enjoy!

Chop Veggies: 3 cups of spinach, 1 roma tomato, 2 stalk of green onions, handful of mushrooms
Triple Rinse Spinach

With Large frying pan...add 2 tablespoon of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). 1 tbs of mince garlic. 
Add Spinach

Stir Stir Stir

Takes less than 1 minute to cook.

Add the other chopped up ingredients, Saute for 2 minutes and turn off stove.
1 whole egg and 5 egg whites
Softly whisk eggs just enough that its mixed with the yolk
Pam it!
                                                Have you ever notice the serving size...1/4 Second                                                    Hate to be the guy who had to count the servings per Container.
On 350* degrees With a skillet or large skillet , cook eggs.
Sucks to take pictures and cook at the same time...makes mess.
Looky, its cookin.
 Side Note: I tried to flip the omelette but it was too big. So, I cut it in half to made sure it was fully cooked on both sides. If you are a pro flipper, good for you!

P.S. Side Note: You can add cheese (Cheddar or Parm) or other seasoning of your choice here.  I don't like melted Cheese in foods besides Nachos.

Put vegetables on the omelet. To warm the veggies again.
Cover with other cooked egg
TaDa!! w/ Tabasco!
 Okay, I called this an omelette scramble, because i F'd up.  It looks more like fried thang than an omelette. I really wanted my eggs of the omelette cooked, because uncooked eggs can get you sick. (One of the reasons I don't like sunny side up eggs.) I'm just a paranoid person. Don't want salmonella or e coli.Or

I hope you like my homemade recipe. Cooking doesn't need to be hard...just don't burn yourself and don't make things complicated. Trust me, I didn't know how to cook until I lived with my husband at the age of 21-22.  Practice makes perfect and know what you like to eat and gather them in a recipe of your liking. Again, thanks for your recent visit to my blog! Bon appetit!

Until next time, Stay Healthy and What? Fabulous, of course! 


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Sorts: What I did for my Birthday 2013

Hey, Friends Hey!

 LATE LATE POST but better late than never.  Well not always. Any who,  It's almost been a month since my birthday. I been meaning to post this but you know pro-crastinatorette. No, really...I really wanted to post the next few things that I'm going to post soon,earlier but life and my comfy couch got in my way. C'est la vie = Such is life.

Woke up HELLA hungry and went to the kitchen to eat leftovers...right out of the container.

Woke up the kids
Made Quinn's Lunch
Picked Out her School Clothes
Made Coffee
Reused Hubby's Birthday Cup. Recycle. Reuse. Reduce. Bitches. LOL.

Not only they have sexy accents but they taste great too...YUM!
Checking up on my blog
My daily ass squeeze from the Hubby...(I'm laughing right now because I didn't know Aubree took this without us knowing)
Aubree and Mommy time.
The local weather
Loving on my new Kate Spade iPhone case
Put Make Up on.
Birthday Lunch: Sushi House Alameda, CA

Lambada Roll
Kids Lunch Bento Box
Orange Blossom
Lunch Sashimi
  Birthday Dinner: 10 course meal at a local Chinese restaurant.




Crab and Lobster



Fried Rice and Seafood Medley


This looks so wrong, but so good.

 The next day I went to a Crab Feed near my parents.  It was my birthday dinner with my side of the family. For $40 dollars a person entrance was pretty nice turn out. I didn't eat nothing but a bite of steak, a spaghetti rollwich (penne pasta in a small roll) and I think it was about 4 whole crabs I ate by myself in one sitting. Heifer (Young Cow), right here.


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