Friday, March 22, 2013

Makeup Monday / hauls

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry that I have been neglecting your blogs, it is not my intention. Right now for some reason, I do not have Internet for my computer and iPad. We are using wi-fi for all tech gadgets we own. And ever since I uploaded a video I have made (which took 7 hours) my computer does not want to connect to online. I got the bloglovin app uploaded on my phone but I just can't use it, it a bit annoying to use in a small screen. No lame excuses but I prefer to use the Big WideScreen for blog reading now that there's 50% more of you now.

I also been busy cleaning house and chasing a 'terrible twos' toddler around. Recently she got into my makeup and had a ball with them.  Thankfully she doesn't ingest or put anything in her mouth that's not edible. 

I have been waiting to get Internet connection to my computer to blog and use the google reader.  But being REALLY patient for a few days, still no luck. So I write to you via iPhone. And let me tell you,  this sucks balls. Kekeke. Balls. Oh geez. 

Well this is a late post but I am attempting to publish this now than in two weeks, since our mini family will be in SoCal all next week near Legoland/San Diego. Yup, Spring Break for Quinnie!! So excited, no school for me too!! 

I posted these videos on YouTube on Monday but not a lot of you follow me there so tada here they are. I know majority of you don't have YouTube access, so please let me have a slight break and I'll try to post pictures later today. And once I have a better tech to read your blogs, I'll give your blog all the love it deserves. De a jour me amour de lover. <---- have no clue what wanna be French I just spew to you guys, hope its translated to I adore you you my loves. Haha. I usually google "French translation but I am not leaving my current page to find out...I have lost my last post because of it. *le sigh. Okay okay. My pointer finger is cramping and hurts now. 

So ado my pets and watch these videos until my absence. Facebook or Instagram me til I come back. Leave me comments. I WILL BE BACK!! And I will have a giveaway real soon!! I won't disappoint!! Unless you don't live in the US. But I haven't decided the shipping part just yet. / Haul Part 1 / Haul Part 2

If you had to choose one to watch, watch part 2. It's unedited, not that my editing skills is on point yet. I'm describing the sample products I got in a bonus makeup bag from Richard Chai. It's basically my first impressions on the brands and how I don't like samples and my why and reasons. 

Until next time, oh there will be a next time!!!

Stay healthy and fabulous!!



  1. I cannot blog on my phone either. It's too little and I takes forever to make comments and I just get frustrated. Hope you get your wifi back soon! Oh and I like the necklace you're wearing in the video! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I can't blog from my Kindle (since I do not have a smartphone). That's the reason I bought it, but oh well! I'd rather only spend a few minutes typing a post than 3 hrs on my Kindle haha.

    I love watching your review videos! PS I sent you an Influenster request to your email. They contacted me. You basically review stuff and get free stuff for doing it! I just started it and thought you might be interested too!

  3. You are such a cuttie! I love you in glasses :)
    Have a great weekend doll!

  4. You got a lot! Can't wait for detailed reviews :)

  5. I'm loving this, girly! I'm sorry internet has been a bit spotty! I hope you get back online soon! These videos are awesome by the way! You are totally charismatic on video! =D <3

  6. Gorgeous Blog!
    Check out mine?

  7. It becomes super annoying when there's no Wi-Fi connection around . And blogging is only fun ( reading + writing) when you have a little big screen.
    I don't have YouTube access thee days ( country restrictions) so I am waiting for you to post the snap shot :D
    Have a happy week ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  8. good blog!:)

    I'm your new follower, follow me back?:)

    Kisses from Poland!:)

  9. Sorry to hear that your wi-fi's not working. Sucks when that happens. I hope it'll be back up soon. As for blogging on the iPhone, I haven't tried it. I'd probably pull all my hair out if I did. Hahaha... I don't think I can blog through a screen so tiny.

    Loved your video. Had fun watching it. I'd probably go crazy trying to pronounce LAQA and company. (Hmm... What kind of name is LAQA anyway? LOL.) Anastasia too. I remember learning how to pronounce it from watching one of emilynoel83's videos. Hehe... :D

    I looooove your Lip Butter collection. You have a cute rainbow of them. I heard there will be new colors coming soon too. I'm excited for those. :) And yes, I am one of those people itching to see your vanity. I always look forward to those videos. :)

    Hope you're having an awesome weekend. Take care. :)

  10. Nice videos babe!

  11. ohhh I hate when I don't have wi-fi. This is going to sound dramatic, but the internet kinda is my life haha. I have tried blogging from my tablet and it is really hard! It takes forever for me to type since my fingers are big!

    I am going to check out your haul video! You look super cute with glasses by the way!

  12. Wi-fi is more than a drug ahaha! :-)
    Tapping from phones or tablets it seems impossible at the moment! :P
    Anyway you're lovely :)

    Aldo's clutch GIVEAWAY is up on my blog right now:

  13. Hope you get your internet back soon. Have a great trip!

  14. on a superficial note, i love ur necklace and u look great in glasses! also i hate hate hate the bloglovin ap, and trying to comment on other's site from my phone it takes forever!!!!! hope u get ur reg comp back soon! xO!

  15. Ahh! The same thing happened to me! That's why I haven't posted in FOREVER. I can't even do it on the iPad because it's too hard for me to do html and special text effects on it.

    Hope it gets back up and running when you get back from your trip!

    ♥ Duckie.

  16. Have a great trip.

    I am sorry to hear about your current lack of internet. Although sometimes it is good to unplug for a couple days I depend on internet to keep me connected.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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  17. I can't see the pictures :((((((
    Why is that ?


    Coline ♡


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