Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Frenzy: I Hate Terms of Endearments

Hi Everyone!

Frenzy...what does that mean to me today. A state of violent mental agitation. Yeah, literally...not really. But you get the point.

Okay, Listen up my beauties. I have something to let you know. Every time someone calls me dear, sweetie or hun, First I say to myself. "What the F**k". THEN I imagine me throwing them off an imaginary cliff to feel better. If you do this, its not your fault. It's something I can not control to think. Just like you can't control about thinking about sexual thoughts every day. Don't lie, you do. Calling me a liar? Bull shit. You just thought about it right now. lol. 

It's just a big pet peeve of mine. If you are not my mom or grandparents or older not do it. Waitresses and Beauticians does this a lot. I want to stab them with a fork or burn them with their curling iron. 

How did this trend start anyway?

Today's society think giving people pet names / terms of endearment is cute. Many of my online friends do this...fine. You can do it, but not to me! I beg of you. I think its disrespectful and annoying. Especially if you are younger than the person. I know its meant to be no harm. but it bothers me a lot.  You think this is a little extreme and immature to say out loud? Well, you can think that way...maybe this is a pet peeve of yours. 

If you don't know the persons name and age, call them Ma'am. Calling someone Ma'am or Sir is out of respect. The only thing I would love to live in the south east. I really hate it when it doesn't suit them...they do it, because everyone else is doing it. Stop it. I am not a child and clearly you do not know me enough to call me a "sweetie". Trust. I am all kinds of crazy in la cabeza. Maybe I'm a sweetie because I don't act on the things I think about. BUT dont.

People that are okay to use terms of endearment to you.

Your Parents
Your Grandparents
Your Aunt
Your Uncle

People that are okay to use terms of endearment to people who is not related to you.

Your Elementary and Middle School Teacher.
Marge, the 50 something year old diner lady at a truck stop that smokes 12 pack of cigarettes a day.

HAHA. Its Friday. Tell me what bugs you sometimes or always. I know I'm not alone in this. 

Until Next time, Stay healthy and Fabulous.



  1. haha great post! i actually had someone random at an old job (an old lady) always say hunny sweetie. TOO WEIRD.


  2. haha hello Keena. I enjoyed reading it. : ) X

  3. LMFAO at this post, hun! LOL. You know I'm joking. But seriously laughed through reading this whole post. Okay wait, take that back, I laughed, then thought about sex, and then laughed again.

    But yes, that is totally a pet peeve of mine. And the whole "doll" thing too kinda irks me.

    ♥ Duckie.

  4. Lol you make me laugh K Lee, but Uh oh - I think I might be guilty of a few huns here and there! Sorry sweetie. LOL! ;-)

    I can't stand it when people call me 'dear' or 'sweetie' as if I'm 8 and they are 80 ....

    In New Zealand (my home country) people always call each other 'babe'.... does that one pass? I'm not sure... even un-babely like people are called babe, and that just doesn't seem right...hmmm...

    Vanessa x

  5. Love your blog! just discovered it :) Great post!

    I followed you on GFC, maybe follow me back ?


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