Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break: Driving to SoCal

Hi Friends, Hi!!

Okay I am going to let you know right now that I will be posting A LOT of content and pictures from my family's spring break trip to SoCal (southern California). I am splitting them sporadically  to bits here and there so you guys don't get too bored.

This bit here is the driving part of the trip. ROAD TRIPS are fun...if there is no traffic in between especially when you are soooooooooooooo close.  In our trip, that was the case. I didn't mind driving my half of 3.5 hours in the beginning of the road trip. It was smooth sailing driving since I drive down highway I-5 to my hometown all the time. Only this trip it takes us 7 hours to the destination instead of 1.5 hours.

Of course, while I was driving, I demanded my husband to take photos of the passengers.

This Techno Junkie wanted my husbands phone, so mommy just gave her a portable DVD  player instead. This is her "Fone FOne Fone" (sounds like bone to me at times...haha)

Our first stop was an hour drive. This is city of Wesley. Right off the 5. Our Tire Pressure Gauge turned on so we stopped to get air and road trip necessities.
This is my fugly self lol. FOB pose right here:).  Hair pulled back and absolutely no makeup.

My hotness of husband does what men does best...get air.

While he did that, I got myself my fuel and some what healthy munchies.

And then the girls wanted McDonald's. We don't eat fast food much so we treated the girls to whatever they want...because its Spring Break!

Outfit of the Day: Pretty in Pink // Comfy long sleeves and fleece pants from Children's Place // Bow from Target // Kicks from Nike Outlet.

Outfit of the Day: Purples and Pinks. Bow from Target// Sweater from Macys// Souvenir Shirt; Gifted// pants from Gapkids.

Kids Meal: Burger and Fries and Pink Lemonade

Chicken Nuggets and Family Sharing Large Soda; Sprite
Endless Green Scenery. Me show the hubby how easy it is...since he lacks the enthusiasm of taking photos while I drove. Men.
Switching Drivers Time!!

Chevron with Techron, baby.

Girls got their slurpee/Icees

Me taking pictures of the road

That Van has way too many
*Le Sigh
Not so into this...we could be flying for
Well hello! keeping the kids occupied for the time being.  Peek a boo without turning my head...(I get Car Sick)
No filter bitches...I was eating sunflower seeds, not my duck face
100 miles to go!! WHoop Whoop!
Took us about 5.25 hours...:) yay!

Finally Passed Out!
What an Angel:). Swoon.

This is why I had Chick-fil-A on my mind...Billboards sucker me in :).
Stuck in L.A. Traffic for an hour. Asked my MoM for help. She came through...:).

Legoland!! The reason we are here!! See you Tomorrow!!
Coastline....Do you see where the sky ends and ocean begins?  Its there.

 Well, the driving part of the trip is the most boring part of the trip but we survived it none the less.
After the photo above we made it to the hotel that we stayed at. We could have traveled down to SoCal via Jetblue/Southwest but we couldn't bring the trunk full of stuff that we did. I think that's the main reason that we did what we did. It was also Quinn's request to drive down too. The kids behaved really really good. So if that wasn't the case...I would of hopped on a plane in a hot second and save us 6 hours of stiff back and buttocks.

It might be a while for our next road trip to the L.A. Area. Their traffic is Atrocious!! Never missed I-880 so much in my life! So okay for now, I'll just say adios.

Until Next time, Stay Healthy and Fabuloso. Why speak Spanish...I was in SoCal baby...its a must know language down there. and Vietnamese...haha.



  1. I love pictures!! It's true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words! Your kids are really cute! I love their matching pink outfits and the little hair bows they have in their hair! They are so adorable holding their drinks!

    3.5 hours is such a long drive! Whenever I go on roadtrips, I am always in the backseat (either sleeping or online) I feel like driving for that long would be really hard for me to do.. haha. I would probably be doing what your kids are doing here!
    It looks like you guys had a pretty nice and calm drive despite all that traffic. Roadtrips are a perfect time to take photos. Years from now, you can look back and remember the fun times you had on your trip/drive!

  2. I'm LOVING this post girl! Your kids are SO cute =D And you look freakin' sexy even without make up~ =D What a stunning family!
    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

  3. You have a really lovely family

    New post on my blog:

  4. awe you are so busy mama! love the kissy face photo u are so cute! speakin of cute, ur girls are adorbs! xO!


  5. OMG I am NOT looking forward to driving all over kingdom come when we go there! Joey wants to go on a road trip with our kids...they can't even last a 25 mile trip without fighting!

    Totally LOL'd at the van with the kids! I see those stickers on a lot of cars and some of them have a whole baseball team!!

    ♥ Duckie.


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