Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break: Legoland Day 1

The main reason we went to SoCal was to go to Legoland. Quinn loves the Lego Friends Edition. Quinn is a very sweet and hard working 2nd grader. She loves school. She reads and write in a advance level. To reward her for her efforts, we told her that we can go where ever she wants to go during her spring break (knowing full well that Legoland is where she has been wanting to go of course)...haha.

This post is Day 1 in Legoland. It's not everything that we did but you get some idea. I don't want you guys to read this and ruin all the surprise Legoland has to offer if you do decide to go in the future.

I will tell you this. I am not a amusement park person. I do not like rides, lines, and whiny ass kids that I bump into because other parents cant keep them in check. Sorry for saying the truth but I really dislike parents. But then, I don't like seeing other angry mother beating their kid in front of me either. I witness this too there at Legoland. I mean what would you do if you saw that...very uncomfortable and sad thing to see. All that for that 3 year old crying at the Market Place store.

I also will say that I will not voluntarily go to Legoland ever again. I came, I saw, I hope to never see you again.  But the KIDS loved it and I will be seeing Legoland sometime after Aubree turns 4. The reason is. There is this ride called 'The Royal Joust' and its the ONLY horse ride in the park. BUT the only riders that can ride these are those who are over 4 years old and is 38" tall. Aubree had her heart set on riding this ride. Aubree threw a sobbing fit. ( Just Cried Continuously until we bought her a Popsicle ) The people who manage the ride was a total douche. I politely asked them if they has a stationary horse for kids who cant ride the ride and they just looked at me blankly. F***ing rude. Maybe they don't know what a stationary meant. LEGOLAND you should have a lego freakin structure for little kids who cant ride the ride while the older kids ride them!! Its like total inconvenience to have a huge ride full of horses in front of little one who are 2-3 yr olds, but can not ride on it.

TRUTH: You know that I know, that you know that I know that you know I DO take at least 5 photos to choose from to summit to say you don' lie. haha. At this time, my hubby got snap happy cause he knows that I know that he know that I like to do what I just stated to you and he took as many picks cause he knows I'm

I Said: Aubs wheres daddy? Aubs: *points....hahaha
Smile Aubs!
Okay, good enough...shes still pointing. haha.
Brightening your photos helps :). My go to Instagram Filter...if you wanted to know.

This girl made it so hard to show her excitement. Whats up with kids and cameras.
Safari Trek:

They are getting so hoo hoo.
Yup, everyone is height okay.
Kids can play with Legos when you wait in line...not all rides in Legoland do this! Great Idea!!
First Ride!
Of course, warren is not taking pictures of us.

 Fairy Tale Brook:

 JUST LIKE her PAPA (my dad), give this girl some popcorn and she is content til its gone:).

Being so patient in line:).

Some Structures that are made entirely with Legos.
 DUPLO PLAYTOWN AREA: This is what we did for 7 hours of 2 days of Legoland. Paid almost $300 to play at a park in a park. Majority of the water things you see the kids playing did not work properly.

Its just big button nobs to switch left and right.

 LEGOLAND EXPRESS: The Train Ride for the Little ones that didn't have a height requirement and no lines at all.

FUN TOWN STAGE: very cute and wet show

Field Trip kids were so fun to watch :)
 Food Quality:  is not very good...when it stops being looks plastic and tastes weird. But that is what you get when its previously made in advance and heated to order. BUT Legoland does something that most do not do...Legoland lets you bring in outside food and drinks:). You can say that we took advantage on this option on Day 2!

Chicken Pesto Pizza. Like I was good until it lost its heat.

This Rice Krispie was the best TREAT of the day. IT was HUGE and SOFT and CHEWY in a great way. I think it was like $2.50.
 Volvo Driving School: For ages 6-13 years.

While Daddy and Quinn was getting Quinn her license, Aubree and I went to go get the treat I stated above and she was all over that. She was so cute and I know this because everyone on the sideline told me so. She was jumping up and down and running here and there. Shes a goof...I wonder where she got that trait from?

Flight Squadron: This ride made Aubree giggle so much! They make you sit on the left side of the plane, yet when you lift up by pulling up the level and my 2 year old almost slides out of the side. They should make the grown ups sit on right on the ride so the kids slides to you instead of the small side of the plane.

FYI: I'm framing this :). Love this shot a lot! Priceless.

Coast Cruise: A boat ride tour of Miniland. The line was extremely long, the longest one we waited. By the time we got closer to the line, Aubree fell asleep. I had my workout for the day holding her in line for about an hour. It was about closing time and Aubree was pooped. The cameras were slightly drained out of batteries. It was time to get out of Legoland for that day.

 That was Day 1 at Legoland! Stay Tuned for Day 2!!Until then, Stay Healthy and Fabulous!!



  1. When I was younger, I used to visit my cousin in Virginia every summer and we always went to this giant amusement park there. It was our favorite day. But of course, being super tiny, I never made the height requirements and I always cried and was so sad. Finally one year I was tall enough. You better believe I went on EVERY SINGLE ride at least twice. Happiest day ever.

    I know you said you hated it, but it looked like you guys had a great time! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. So fun! Heck- I wanna go!!!

  3. Looks like your beautiful girls had a great time at Legoland. :) It would be nice if that horse ride was able to include children Aubree's age too. Kids of all ages and sizes enjoy horse rides, so that's not fair of them to have an age/height limit for that ride.

    The rides look so cute. I like the idea of kids being able to play with Legos as they wait for a ride. Waiiting in line is not fun after all, so playing with Legos is a good concept.

    Thank you for sharing the Legoland experience with us. :)

  4. I know I probably say this in every post, but you guys are all so cute! I especially love how you all matched your outfits with the green!!
    I am not a huge amusement park person either. I like going once in a while, but the heat and long lines are so annoying!
    This reminds me of the time I went to Sesame place with my 4 year old cousin. She was in love with the place, but as for me... well... I was happy she was happy haha! The rides at Legoland look quite fun especially for the kids. I think the idea of playing with legos while waiting is very nice too! They should have something like that at all parks!!

  5. Oh !!
    Adorable girls :) so sweet moment :)


  6. Looks like such a fun day out! Your girls are so gorgeous and so are you.

  7. Trace came and sat with me while I was reading this post! He is EXTREMELY excited now to go to Legoland! He says he wants to do everything you guys did! Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.

  8. Yay for SD! Lol. I didn't enjoy legoland because I was already in college when we went there! I found the LEGO structures really cool though..

  9. Hello K.Lee, you do have a wonderful blog. And I'm sure Legoland was a ton of fun :) Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

  10. Woo family time! I really enjoyed every picture. The rides seems super cool! The sleeping shots are priceless!

  11. You guys are adorable... Super cute fotos :) xoxox


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