Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wet Seal Haul

Hi Friends, Hi!!

I love Wet Seal's style but their quality of products....SUCKS!! I don't know why I keep buying from them. Well, I can tell you one reason. Price. But in reality, you get what you pay for. I'm a sucker for deals but I had enough of being played by their website. The pictures of their products are so deceiving. It is definitely not what you get at all. I would pay a little bit more if they actually had good quality made products.

Some of you are asking...Why is a 30 something year old housewife shopping at Wet Seal anyways? Well bitches...haha...because I can! Because I can pull off the young look when I want to, and plus have you seen what the average housewives wear? Oh dear, not for this girl. Well, I know I am above average housewife so I shouldn't put myself in lesser category that. I'm really young at heart and I dress how I feel. It's not like I wear scandalous hoochie-fied clothes. Well maybe some booty shorts here and there...but I know my limits. haha. And did I mention, the prices are too good to pass up.

Well, here is my last haul from Wet Seal. The picture captions will tell you what i would recommend or would totally avoid! Thanks for coming back and hope you learn from my mistakes.

Package arrived by a white Plastic Wrap bag....this is what you pull out.
When Clear Plastic is open.
Part of my invoice
Accessories:  So the main reason for this haul was to get accessories. Spring trend is mint and peach/Coral.  I received an email from Wet Seal and what I saw caught my eye. I practically bought everything that had to do with mint.

Looks cheap, but still cute in person. If you change up your phone on the daily...should get this too:).
Price should be lower tho.

Good weight and style:) BUT.....
It's all about the details...Major FAIL!
Website pictures made these babies look tiny...but it practically covers my whole ear....but cute none the less.
If you have sensitive ears like me (ears turn green or easily get infected) put a coat of clear nail polish on the ear prong. It only lasts a 8 hours but beauty is pain.
Love these two necklaces. although they looked really nice online...I wasn't quite sure about them in person at first.

Wearing them was nice. The kids like to dress up in them. They are cheap enough that the kids can ruin them without me freaking out. I would buy these again. I would say, they may discolor a lot quicker than usual.


Size Small...Great fit on top, but it easily rolls up to your chest. Continuously have to unroll them down.I bought 5 pairs. 2 black and 3 white. I hate when my stomach show when I raise my hands up...quite embarrassing. so I try to cover it with a cami. These are THE WRONG camis to do so. They are more a nuisance  than helpful.
Although Quality is not good (couple washes and its looks like a rag) its a nice fit.

 Okay, Here is the one thing you should know. Never Ever buy bralettes from any store unless you tried it out first. Its a no brainer but I got professionally measured and these still didn't fit because it was stuffed and molded to fit a perky barbie doll that has cones for boobs. Very unsatisfied with this bralette. The fabric, the built and zipper is all wrong. This is worth less an a dollar. Buyers Beware!!
I obviously bought these to wear under a big comfy sweaters and match my accessories.
The elasticity of the straps are so weak. It would be over stretched in one wear.
Waste of 30- ish bucks because I bought two.
Zip-page and stitching is horrid.
Love the concept of the fit (highrise for muffin top coverage) but the fabric feels like if you wash it, it will smell like smoke and flammable. It also feels like sand paper.

SWIM : I am not blessed anymore to wear a bikini due to severe stretch mark due to having I have been searching high and low for a all black monokini with bust support. Well its a impossible task. So I gave up for now and just bought a monokini. I plan to wear a separate bikini top under the monokini for bust support.
Like all Monokinis the bottoms fit but the bust for busty girls like me...FAIL. it wouldn't even cover my
String to hang the monokini. I think its in store purposes because this is harder to tuck than a tampon string...unless you want to hang yourself with it and make it a choker.

The last thing that is not pictured individually but is my all time favorite Wet Seal find is my favorite Mixed Polka Dot scarf. It is so soft and elegant and fun. IF all their scarves are the same quality as this scarf, I would buy scarves again from Wet Seal.

So all in all, my love hate relationship with Wet Seal is still a toss up if I love or hate it. But I know something for sure. I will not buy from online. Even though shopping in the store give you less of selections.

Well hope you got something out of this post...if least you know what to avoid from online shopping.

Until Next time, Stay Healthy and Fabulous!!



  1. Haha, I feel the same way about Wet Seal. Although, I don't really shop there much anymore because I've literally had clothes fall apart as I was wearing them. The prices are really great though. I usually go there if I need something really trendy and KNOW I won't wear it more than a couple times. You got some really cute stuff though!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. You are totally a hot mama and definitely an exceptionally above average housewife!

    The quality of those things look horrible. I haven't shopped at Wet Seal in forever but I'll wait until I have a chance to go in-store rather than online. I actually still have a couple things from Wet Seal that I bought ages ago that are still pretty good. Mostly jeans and jean shorts.

    Love you, you sexy thang!

    ♥ Duckie.

  3. Fun haul and why not shop there if you can. I used to shop at Wet Seal but we don't have one in NYC anymore so now I go to Forever 21 to get my cheap accessory fix on :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. OMG I need that bathing suit in my life!!!

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  6. Hey! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. :)
    Lynn | MakeupWithTea

  7. Cite Stuff! Nice blog!
    following u<3


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