Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Fit Club: Portion Control!

 Hello Hello!

Woke up today, Hella Late. NO school for Quinn so mama got to sleep in! With that said, my blogging time / quiet time (when I usually have blogging time) was spent on slumber rather than my usual routine. And get this, Last night I went to bed at 10:45pm than my usual 2 or 3 am. Yay me! I still feel really drowsy it too late to drink coffee (I told myself that I would get 1 small kids cup of coffee a day)?

Anywho, that's not why you're here on Fridays!! Here is my weigh in and Ill let you know what the hell I did this week to achieve it!

Before 01/17/14
Today 01/31/14

Lost 2.8 Lbs!!

 Pros and Cons:

So yeah, I lost almost 3 lbs in 2 weeks because you remember I didn't weigh in last week due to feeling fluffiness :). So lets divide that in 2 and it would be like losing 1.4lbs a week.

Weigh In and Results in month of January

  Lost 3.8 lbs!!

So this week, Friday Fit Club's post is from me!

 I am always gonna be a fat girl at heart! I love food and I will not be surprised if I did quit working out and gain back some weight again! That's life and its just gonna happen. But for now, I'm gonna try to control the urges and temptation that is all around me.  If you look at the picture below...

This is my Dinnerware made by Corelle. The Comcast remote is there to shows you the size comparison. I used to be a fatty that used the actual dinner plate. And girl, you must believe that I used the FULL advantage of the size of this plate! Not only used the whole perimeter but to see how much food I could pile onto it.  Now that I'm watching my diet, I use the "salad" plate. Wah. But it does make a HUGE difference.

I also use the FIST Measurement.

Other than Vegetables, I can not eat meat or anything else that is more than the size of my fist. (I would like to brag a little bit here. I am happy to let you know that this is the only time I'm very happy with my "Man Hand's". I probably have bigger hands than an average girl with my height and built. HAHA.) Anyways...check out my IG ACCOUNT to see what kind of food I eat.

Or you can use this portion Control method...

I definitely utilized my portion control all last week because I didn't work out as much as I should of. Just remember that losing weight is 80% Diet and 20% Exercise. I firmly believe in that.  I hope you guys learned a thing or two, or if you have heard these Ideas before. I totally recommend you apply these methods to your life. Especially on the days you dont want to work out.

Have a great weekend guys, and its okay to indulge in moderation. If you feel like a candy bar. Eat it. Instead of the whole thing, cut in half and save the rest for the next day.

xoxo, K. Lee

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Fashion History

Hi Fashion Forward Friends!

So I have been thinking about this for a long time.  I am slowly going to introduce you to what I like to wear once in a while on the blog. So Now that I'm in my 30s but still feeling/looking like I'm in my 20s, I am starting to get inspired by the bloggers and vloggers for a new look. My mother in law is retiring this coming March so I am going to be job hunting soon. With the combination of all the fashionistas that I follow, I will begin to shed my mom gear and try to get more stylin on my own.

For the last 3 years...I have been stalking (in a non threatening way) 3 lovely lady's blogs and 2 Youtubers. Here are my fashion inspirations:

Fashion Bloggers:
Always Maylee - The use of patterns and colors.
The Haute Cookie - simplicity of style in black and white, with great use of simple accessories...but expensive.
Sensible Stylista - Chameleon in human form. She has a very wide range of taste in style. Her name says it all. Sensible Style in a affordable budget and variety style trends.

Beauty/Fashion Youtubers:
Fashionista804 - Like the popular 90s group TLC, her style is Crazy, Sexy, Cool!!
HeyClaire - I want her wardrobe! Her Hair and Her body! In a non creepy way.

 Let me tell you, for a lonnnnnng time...I had no style what so ever!  I only wore what was on sale and comfortable! You young'en probably dont remember, but my mom got the clothes I wore from Gottschalks, Mervyn's and Montgomery Wards.  But for the longest, I had a lot of hand me downs. Don't feel sorry for me, I didn't mind at all. Having 4 siblings, my family accepted that we have what we have and be grateful of what we get. FYI: My dad had a great job, we weren't poor.  My mom was the greatest stay at home (exception : she didn't clean the house, me and my older sister did) I felt like Cinderella at With one income, our priorities was everyone gets to play sports year round (this is for 5 kids = EXPENSIVE), get one Brand New tennis shoes/Cleats, and have great family outings when we can.

Anyways,  I basically look like a tomboy for the longest. I cared more about sports then fashion and boys. That's how I rolled for a while. In 6-8th grade., my favorite color was white and blue. I practically wore white and blue (school colors) every day. White Shirts and Blue Jeans with this ugly red and black 49ers jacket. I really wanted a 49ers jacket in 6th or 7th grade. But my parents got me the ugliest one I ever seen and 90's
kids, do you remember the sports bomber jackets around '95? Yeah thats when I wanted one.

In 9-12th grade, this popular girl's older sister who graduated from high school  gave me her hand me down jeans and demin shorts. I got like over 50 pieces of clothing from her/her mother. I was in Heaven. I used all those and few new things (gifts) here and there. I was really skinny back then. I wore a size 0, but had more room...but Sisqo (thong song) was popular then so I was "Cool".

Then when I got to college, I slowly showed more skin than I was used to, and wore whatever skanky tight clothes I can afford for being a poor independent college student budget. I worked as an assistant secretary to the Secretary and Director of the Education Division on a $7 an hour work study program...

After 2002, I was like 20ish. I worked at Forever 21. So I wore F21 and was a walking billboard of Abercrombie, American Eagle and Holister shiznit.

So thats my fashion history...being a 80s baby, I have lived through lots of good and bad fashion is like a collab of all the fashion eras into one era. kinda cool. I dont know what Im tyoing about now, so Imma bounce out of this now. lol. I need a nap.

xoxo, K. Lee

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Unboxing: Rebel Canon T3i Camera

Whats uppers!

So Got this little cutie for Christmas 2013! I was soooooooo happy the T4is came out because this pretty baby's price got reduced! FINALLY!! halaluya (<----cant spell for shit and spell check doesn't know what the funk I'm trying to say either lol). The only reason I wanted this model because I'm freaking vain and I wanted the flip screen that this model offers. Its my husbands fault...he doesn't know how to point and shoot so I do all the picture taking in my family. I'm my own Muse, sadly. *tear.

But Yay freakin Yay! I am good on the gift department for 331 more days, til I will need a gift to be gaga over again. Surprisingly enough...I havent been using this camera much. Maybe Im in one of those Ugly stages where Im not motivated to get pretty and strike any poses...I need to get my hair done. le sigh.

Anyways...enough of my bipolar rant. The is the unboxing. Seriously...This is what you get in the box of the CANON REBEL T3i!! So if i got something you didn't or I didn't get something you did...TELL ME!! haha. I hate getting short end of things. Wah.

Ive been dreaming about this camera since 2011.

So this thing is soooo heavy! I weighed myself with it and this thing is 1.5lbs! I want to vlog more often, what camera other than the iPhone do you guys use? Thanks!

xoxo, K.Lee

Monday, January 27, 2014

MakeUp Monday: How I curl my hair

 Hi Hi Ladies and Gents!

So I was sleepless Saturday night.  I was just laying on the couch, because I didn't want to keep Mr. Lee awake from my insomnia. Not that I toss and turn and make noises, just from my piercing bright light from my cell phone.

Anyways...ever since I been having my giveaway...People are adding me on YouTube. I was like I want to see what I have in there. Not a lot of people know that I have an account, except for the ladies from my blog list. And Kim and I added my YouTube account for another bonus entry for the giveaway. More social media account, more chances for entries to win...since I dont have a public Facebook account.

I was replaying some videos I have in my archive/unlisted files and I found these two videos. These were my very first try to curl my hair in front of a camera. I never published them because I was wearing a nighty and my glasses kept slipping off...and lets not point to the obvious, but I was a bit fluffy then.  But today, I am willing to share it with you...just because I can:). This is me. Uncut and Unedited. Enjoy!

First Published and unlisted on May 21, 2012

Part 1:

Part 2:

xoxo, K. Lee

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Fit Club: Nike Training Club App

Hello Bombshell Babes!

So Week 3 is here! Wow! Phew...I dont know if its just me but Im feeling lil burnt out...ya know that feeling when you are coming down from a sugar high? oh hold up, wait a its not that. Over share but lets get real...someone is being visited by mother nature ...:(. Seriously, we girls in the regular (the ones that get their period every 28 knows when it is coming...Ive been dreading this week. I have been extra I decided that I will not do a weigh in today. I am not gonna get on a scale...nope, not gonna happen. For some reason, I want a Plain Strawberry Pop-Tart. But Wont!

Working out with sore boobs this week...almost got a black eye because the left boob has a mind of its own and wants to grow a little bigger than the right one. What I did was wear the smallest sports bra I own. I need to constraint these fothermuckers down tight. But that didnt help either because I was doing some sort of a Plyometric P90X shit and pop out goes the left boob! I wish say to say it was a nipple slip but no. I was dying laughing so it all worked out in the end for the abs department.  You girls bitch about having small ass titties...just be blessed that you dont have to tie your titties together and throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldiers...because your boobies hang low. oh snap...Im writing a novel again.

Well Well...It's Jessica's turn over at Frikken Duckie this week to write up a post. She's gonna talk about what App she is using and what not...So take it away, Duckster!

So last week, my homegirl Nicole wrote a post about the Nike+ Training Club app and the program she was starting.  I had previously downloaded the app in hopes of getting myself into shape but hadn't done anything more than just browse through the workouts. Yeah, I'm totally the person who will watch fitness videos just to see how much I don't want to do them.

Anyway, after finally signing up for the "Get Lean" program - beginner's level (obviously) - I got off my ass and started Day 1 of the program.  The "Get Lean" program consists of "high intensity body-weight workouts" and I also added running to my program to push myself more and get the most out of the program.  I obviously had no idea what I was getting myself into.
After not working out for AGES, that 30-minute workout killed.  Jogging, burpees, squat  jumps, pushups, kick downs, hip lifts, lateral hops...  And though I didn't actually die, I did puke my brains out twice during the workout. I guess it didn't help that I was eating while I was putting the program together.  And it probably did more harm than good that I took a few sips of vodka right  before since I was planning on just sitting my ass down with a drink and reading all night.  That's just one of the down sides to acting on my spontaneous urges.

The up side is that I finally did it!  My body hates me right now, but I felt more energized this morning and I'm excited to continue  this program.  Okay, wait - that's not entirely true.  Since I added running to my program (like a dumbass), Day 2 of my program is
to run.  Three.  Frikken.  Miles.  Are they frikken crazy or something?  I swear I thought this shit was the beginner's level!?  I can't even run one mile and they want me to run three?  Ho.  Lee.  Crap!

Since I KNOW I won't last three miles tonight, I'm just going to try my best and run as long as I can.  And since I don't have a treadmill, I'll be running around the neighborhood with a stick just in case any stray dogs want to step up.  And Guam has a LOT of stray dogs - big

And now that I think of it, a treadmill is a great gift for someone to give me for Valentine's Day.  Right, honey?  Just kidding.  But not really.

So now that I've finally gotten off my ass (which is now hella sore from all the squats and hip lifts), tell me:  What gets you motivated to work out?  Do you just act on your
spontaneous urges and just do it?  Or does it take a little more hyping up and a set schedule to get you moving and keep you going?

Comment below with any motivational tips - it would really help me to overcome this  3-mile hurdle that I have to jump tonight.  And again, Ho.  Lee. Crap!

And ta-da!  My "before" photo as of yesterday morning.  Finally, right?  I would say excuse the mess, but I do have three kids - get over it.

Thanks Duckie for the post of the week! Once I get tired of P90X, I might join the Nike Training bandwagon. :). I have downloaded it, but I already have 3 Fitness apps I been juggling. It would be great if it was all into one....myfitnesspal, P90X and Nike+.

xoxo, K. Lee
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