Thursday, January 2, 2014

LoveLee Adoptee: #1

Hello my Beauties!

This is one of many posts about Adoption. Being Adopted. and My Story about being adopted. If you are adopted and have your views, you can have them...this is my views and my story. Don't like what you hear/read/see. Get the F out! If you dont like run on sentences and imperfect grammar, get the F out of here too. But have a wonderful day, you hear!

I am Blessed and I am Lucky. Those are two main things that I hear from people that tells me when they know that I am an adoptee.  I don't know many other adoptees in my life except for the few I have met when I was younger and obviously my two sisters who was also adopted along with me. Seriously in all the things that I am grateful for. I was adopted with my two biological sisters, my best friends. If any body knows any better, three sisters age 2-8 that were adopted to one family through a Korean orphanage is probably very rare to hear.

I am not an genius although I claim to have great street smarts...(that's what non-book smarters say to even out the playing field from those who are actually book smart!) Street Smart is basically (in my views), is a person who know their way around their environment without looking inside a book, its more common sense over book knowledge. Because I know a lot of people who are the "stupidest Smartest person I know" when it comes to common sense shit, like why did the Chicken crossed the road?Street Smart: to cross the other side. Book Smart: uh, I don't know, let me read a book to find out. Okay that was not nice, but you get the idea.

Anywho, going off topic a bit...teehee. I am developing a new true life based posts called, LoveLee Adoptee. When you see these in future posts, its just means that I am going to tell you my true stories that happen to me. It is all based on what I remember in the past. I am basically going to air our my dirty laundry/ closet what have you.  Theres a lot in my head, so it might be a lot of ramblings, but bare with me. I am not a professional writer.  I dont think I have told many people what happened to me. LoveLee Adoptee is a new series in my blogspot that will tell you what plays over my head time to time. It will be another outlet for me to jot down my thoughts. This is for me really, but you can read along.

I was adopted and yes, I am very blessed and lucky. I had and probably do have a better life than most adoptees out there....considering that they are adopted.  I am one of those few that claim that Adoption changed my life for the better, not worse. But I will say that it hasn't been the easiest thing to process either.  I am not saying that every bit of my life was with rainbows and sunshine... Believe me, I bet my adoptive mom and dad probably wanted to disown me few times in their lives during my adolescent stage. I did not make the adoption process very easy while growing up in an all white and Latino communities, not knowing fully what the hell was going on.

All I knew is that I am safe and I am loved. But that doesn't mean that I wasn't lost. Lost in identity. Once my sisters and I landed in Ontario, Ca. The only language spoken to me was English. I was lost as Fcuk.

To be continued...


  1. I'm so glad to see you open up and share more about your true self. We can't all be happy little bloggers with a happy little life. Sometimes we feel sad or angry or confused and I think that it's important to share ALL our feelings with our friends and readers - the best bloggers are the ones who write the truth.

    And don't worry about the spelling and grammar! We got you. Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. Thanks Twin! Just another way to express myself, grammar errors and all. After all, its Me...when have I ever made any sense? lol. love you, thank you for your continuous support for me and my little blog! XOXO.


  2. Hello Keena! You still blessed with two sisters and had good parents. Maybe there’s reason, your biological parent sent you’d in one place the place more safety. Well, God only knows for everything and you must enjoy it.

    My daughter is also adopted. She officially adopts last November. Behind of my life, I was single parent. Were both lucky that I found a truly person who keep us and brought us in happiness. So, I still thankful for everything. I was met my husband when my daughter in eight months. I remember, she touching his face and now, she is daddy girl.

    1. Yes, I am Blessed!

      Adoption is a blessing for those who are loved. I am happy for you to met your husband. Hes a hero in my eyes. You two are very lucky, but your husband is very lucky himself:). I enjoy reading about your sweet family as well :). Thanks for visiting:).

      xoxo, K. Lee

  3. Hey Keena!! First off, I must say that I am really happy that you are blogging again and that I found you! I really miss reading your post and ohh I just don't know why I am not on instagram anymore. I don't have the time since my phone doesn't have instagram.. I have to use my tablet and I always forget hehe. I'm stuck doing a bunch of college/scholership things now so that sucks up most of my energy/time.

    I am really excited for this series.. in fact I am about to read all of them right now! I am personally not adopted, but my mom is a single mom now so I know kinda of how you feel. I feel like everything happens for a reason =)


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