Monday, January 13, 2014

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Hello Gorgeous'!

So One cold winters night (5 weeks ago to be exact :P), My husband told me to get ready (at the last minute) so he can take me to a Golden State Warriors game:).  I was very comfy in my snowman's pjs all day (perks of being a SAHM) so I was very reluctant to go... You see, my brother in law has over 100 seats in the lower bowl so I go A LOT or get asked a lot to go when BIL can not sell them all. But since the GS warriors #dubnation #warriorsground # LetsgoWarriors are kickin ass, the chances of going is starting to get slim...but that doesn't bother me at all.

Anyways, what was I saying...oh yeah, hubby threw in the words "Date Night" so that convinced me to go...reluctantly. I only had an hour to get ready (Shower, Hair and Makeup). Hubby knows that I dont like being rushed, so he told me "not to get all too fancy". haha. I told him that since I only got an hour not two hours...I dont really have a choice...haha. You see, I dont go out too often and when I do go out, I like to take my time and get dolled can't rush perfection...just kid.

Pre-Christmas...dont judge me...:).
In all seriousness, I need the God damn two hours and more (sorry used God's name in vain), because in reality...I got kids and kids want something here and there. Here and There. Here and There. So I get interrupted a lot!! I mean...every 5-10 minutes, no joke. Imagine putting on one side of your face makeup and Miss little I want it now, seriously needs mommy right now, because no one can do it like mommy can. *insert doe eyed cuteness here...le sigh.

Lets Fast forward because I am again taking what takes, 2 minutes to explain something... into a damn long novel...teehee. Ok Okay, doing it again.

So got to the parking lot...this is when we get hubby looks at me and told me to close my eyes...I do. He gets out these Budweiser Lime-a-ritas out and tells me you go...*grins. My hubby is not the most romantic dude on the planet but he sure knows to make this girl happy. Someone introduced me to this drink and its one of my favorite alcoholic bevs...for now anyway. So I guzzled drank about 2 LIme-a-ritas  cans and feeling perkier happier :). We go inside.

I have a confession...I am a social media junkie at the Warriors game, I am glued to the phone til the last buzzer buzzes. I was Instagraming and taking photos...LIKE

Our seats for the night
Using my Phone as a mirror, because my new bangs has a mind of it own...:(. YOu know you do it too:).
IG "We Cute" with Filter 1977
Dwight Howard !! <3
LIN-Sanity!! (Former Warrior, DOnt Judge Me)
So I was texting and IG-ing and found out a blogger was seats behind me. Mrs. Jamie Villabroza (HER BLOG: Vanity is my favorite Sin) was there with her hubby:):):):):):). This gal has been one of the first ladies I followed in the blog world and I think she is soooooo gorgeous. And I get to freakin meet her for the first time! NOt too long ago, before my blog hiatus she won a giveaway, SEE POST HERE and THERE. Anyways, little messaging here and there...I got to take a few photos with her. Got to give it Mr. Villabroza, knows how to take great photos...heeeeeee.

This is us, sporting our Kate Spade bags...more details about how to get our bags, HERE. It was the highlight of the night. Pictures does not do this lady any justice...not to mention she smells 

But Sadly, Jamie went back to work in Nursing and has no time to blog anymore...I Understand your busy and all...but dont neglect the little people who wants to know what you got from Target! haha. I hope going back to a job is rewarding and all the positives $$ that comes with it...haha. I miss you! So go over to her blog and tell her to blog more, for my sake...of course :).

xoxo, K. Lee


  1. Great pictures!! :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog sweetie! Let's stay in touch! <3

    New Outfit Post: A Cozy Day

  2. I love that you got to meet each other, how funny you were both at the game!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. You are such a great writer, I love how you capture attention right away and you have a great sence of humor!
    I love love your hair! Bangs and curls are a perfect combo! You look gorgeous!

  4. Omg. I only got to see this post now! Awww thanks for posting this. The only time I get to check on blogs is when I'm sick.. which is NOW. lol. Again, it was nice seeing you in person! We will see each other again in the future. I know it! Lol


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