Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shout Outs: @SensibleStylista

My #WCW (womancrushwednesday)

Hey There, Hey!! Happy Wednesday!!

For the month of January, I wanted to sponsor one of my BBFF friends. It was to jump start my blog for the year 2014. I learned real quick that you have to be involved in your follow blogger's blogs, in order to get your blog some attention. Especially if you have a personal blog like I do.

My decision was not that hard, because whoever I chose, was gonna be worth it. If it does not me get me "#instafame", I was willing to support someone that's been with me since the beginning or was there for me when I wanted to stop blogging all together.


I am sponsoring Sensible Stylista for the month of January or whenever our sponsor agreement is up. Kim aka Sensible Stylista is pretty amazing. If you ever wanted to be friends with someone, it would be with her. She came out of nowhere. This is my side of our story...

It was one of those days, when you wake up and feel like there's a black cloud following you. You dont feel motivated and feel like you're in a rut. I probably had a big argument with the hubby the night before (probably about how the way we need to raise the kids) and the kids were messing up the living room and bedrooms that I just cleaned, "spring cleaned" the day before. It was a day that I just I was feeling discouraged to do anything but sulk in my over-sized sweats and watch Korean Dramas. I mean the lead actor/actress usually has it way worse than I do, right? lol.

Later that day, I checked my email. I saw this girl was adding me and following me on every social media I participate in. I was like who is this girl? I have to admit, I was getting creep out because there was someone who was giving me attention even when I wasn't giving anything away at the time. I mean who does that? kekeke. 

I look into her profiles and her social media stuff. Man, she is gorgeous! (I always said to myself that she looks like a Korean still my heart...haha. ) I was like "oh, she has a very popular blog and probably wanted to get another follower...(I am not the only one who thinks this! And you know it! haha). I was like "well, that's really nice of her to follow all my stuff, why not return the favor"? So I did. 
Total K-Pop Princess via

I wasn't expecting anything after that. But the unexpected happens...She would comment on my things everyday or whenever I post something. She was very supportive, sweet, encouraging and upbeat about everything I had to say. "Oh, I like this girl!". We all need a "Kim" in our lives. Do you have that person? 

The girl next door type...

All in all, our cyber space relationship bloomed and I have nothing but good things to say about her. :). Just dont make a ruckus when she is concentrating during her piano practices...dont unleash the fury! One of these days, I will go see her perform. Its one of the things I wanted to do, ever since I knew she played the piano. She went to Julliard, for petes sakes! Amazing! She is someone that I become to admire and respect. She is humble and very sensible with great style! :). See what I did just there...puhahahha. (If you dont laugh at your own jokes, who will?)

Its incredible on how you meet your friends...its always a good thing when you meet them on one of those days when you are feeling down, and questioning who really your friends are. Then Pop! Someone enters your life and it turns into a friendship you hold dear to your heart. Even though, we have never met in person...I thank you for your friendship, Kim! I heart you! xoxo.

I am so happy to have picked Kim!! It is the best decision for my blog social world. For the current agreement, she graciously accepted to help host a giveaway for me. Basically I just sit back and relax while she puts her incredible social media skills to work. I can tell you one thing, this is not her first time hosting a giveaway. The response of her hosting is a good way. If you are looking for the perfect candidate to blog sponsor, I totally recommend Kim over at  Sensible Stylista!! CLICK HERE for more details.

Here are my favorite outfits that she showcases daily on her blog, that I wish to wear if I wasnt afraid of prints / patterns:

Me On Neon...
Get yourself Wrapped into This...
Lets Be Neutral...<3


Shine BRIGHT like a Diamond...
Black On Black On Black...
#barelegsdontcare...(Want to rock this shiz, once the kids are spill-proof!!)

I dont expect friendships to last, I had my share of letting people go. But this ones a keeper...thats one thing I love about BBFFs.  Because I dont see them everyday, makes the heart grow that even a saying, did I jacked that up? If so, just include that into my Book of Keenaisms.

xoxo, K. Lee


  1. OMG keena, I'm gonna cry! Thanks so much. I'm so lucky to have found you. Blogging besties for life =D

    1. There is no such thing as success, until one sheds oH, im good! You crying, yet? haha. Love you so much! Thank you for your friendship and support in all things in my life..:). Everything you touch, turns to gold...bahahhaaha

      xoxo, Keena

  2. Wow, She is adorable. No wonder your highlighting her right now.
    xx, High Heels and Tutus.

    1. Adorable is for babies, shes Gorgeously Beautiful! lol. Love her! A must follow blogger! Thanks for reading and visiting;).

      xoxo, K.Lee

  3. Replies
    1. i totally agree with ya <3

      xoxo, K.Lee

  4. Aww you are such a sweet friend! She is lucky to have you as a BFF :)
    I like her style too, she looks great.


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