Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Fashion History

Hi Fashion Forward Friends!

So I have been thinking about this for a long time.  I am slowly going to introduce you to what I like to wear once in a while on the blog. So Now that I'm in my 30s but still feeling/looking like I'm in my 20s, I am starting to get inspired by the bloggers and vloggers for a new look. My mother in law is retiring this coming March so I am going to be job hunting soon. With the combination of all the fashionistas that I follow, I will begin to shed my mom gear and try to get more stylin on my own.

For the last 3 years...I have been stalking (in a non threatening way) 3 lovely lady's blogs and 2 Youtubers. Here are my fashion inspirations:

Fashion Bloggers:
Always Maylee - The use of patterns and colors.
The Haute Cookie - simplicity of style in black and white, with great use of simple accessories...but expensive.
Sensible Stylista - Chameleon in human form. She has a very wide range of taste in style. Her name says it all. Sensible Style in a affordable budget and variety style trends.

Beauty/Fashion Youtubers:
Fashionista804 - Like the popular 90s group TLC, her style is Crazy, Sexy, Cool!!
HeyClaire - I want her wardrobe! Her Hair and Her body! In a non creepy way.

 Let me tell you, for a lonnnnnng time...I had no style what so ever!  I only wore what was on sale and comfortable! You young'en probably dont remember, but my mom got the clothes I wore from Gottschalks, Mervyn's and Montgomery Wards.  But for the longest, I had a lot of hand me downs. Don't feel sorry for me, I didn't mind at all. Having 4 siblings, my family accepted that we have what we have and be grateful of what we get. FYI: My dad had a great job, we weren't poor.  My mom was the greatest stay at home (exception : she didn't clean the house, me and my older sister did) I felt like Cinderella at With one income, our priorities was everyone gets to play sports year round (this is for 5 kids = EXPENSIVE), get one Brand New tennis shoes/Cleats, and have great family outings when we can.

Anyways,  I basically look like a tomboy for the longest. I cared more about sports then fashion and boys. That's how I rolled for a while. In 6-8th grade., my favorite color was white and blue. I practically wore white and blue (school colors) every day. White Shirts and Blue Jeans with this ugly red and black 49ers jacket. I really wanted a 49ers jacket in 6th or 7th grade. But my parents got me the ugliest one I ever seen and 90's
kids, do you remember the sports bomber jackets around '95? Yeah thats when I wanted one.

In 9-12th grade, this popular girl's older sister who graduated from high school  gave me her hand me down jeans and demin shorts. I got like over 50 pieces of clothing from her/her mother. I was in Heaven. I used all those and few new things (gifts) here and there. I was really skinny back then. I wore a size 0, but had more room...but Sisqo (thong song) was popular then so I was "Cool".

Then when I got to college, I slowly showed more skin than I was used to, and wore whatever skanky tight clothes I can afford for being a poor independent college student budget. I worked as an assistant secretary to the Secretary and Director of the Education Division on a $7 an hour work study program...

After 2002, I was like 20ish. I worked at Forever 21. So I wore F21 and was a walking billboard of Abercrombie, American Eagle and Holister shiznit.

So thats my fashion history...being a 80s baby, I have lived through lots of good and bad fashion is like a collab of all the fashion eras into one era. kinda cool. I dont know what Im tyoing about now, so Imma bounce out of this now. lol. I need a nap.

xoxo, K. Lee


  1. Lol! Girl, you do not want to take a trip down my fashion memory lane! I went from super girly (when I was little) to sporty, to preppy, to goth, to surfer-chick, to skanky, to mom-wear, and now I don't know what my style is anymore! Lol. I think going through all those different phases in my fashion life kinda shaped my style today. I like all kinds of styles and brands from Kate Spade to Hot Topic so when I put outfits together it never really has one certain "style" to it. I'm like a fashion mash-up! Lol.

    1. I think I did all styles but GOTH...couldn't be emo, even if i tried...I could feel all depressed and angry but looking but physically show in fashion and makeup...just cant. I love Black...but not that much. lol.

      love your style. you look expensive likely. Its fun to see you in Beach Babe-Ware and sporting a LV bag...(with your small frame...a suitcase...just

      xoxo, K.Lee

  2. You've ALWAYS been a chica , yes I just believe it now ;)

    1. I dont know what that means...but thank you lol.

      xoxo, K.Lee


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