Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#TRUTH TUESDAYS : Blog Related

Hey Bettie's...and um, Archie's...??

HAha. I want to see how long #TRUTH TUESDAYS gonna last...Not that I lie, but this will get me to express myself more Freely :). Not that ever stopped me from saying random shiznit before. Gonna Post truthful things on Tuesdays...#Truth
1) If you truly like to read the actual post in someones blog, you will find that...I'm pretty Fncking awesome and Fncking funny as hell. At least I like to think so. So follow me. #Truth

2) Blogging is a lot like a job in Sales. Its a numbers game in order to get followers to follow you. "Every 10 NOs is a 1 YES"! #Truth

3) I have a personal blog. It is a lot harder to sell other bloggers to follow me. (It is especially hard with my random nonsense and ramblings about the stuff I love and hate). #Truth
4) When I saw that my blog is not getting as popular as some of my blog friends...(seriously...I started out around the same time as ALWAYS MAYLEE and THE HAUTE COOKIE did)...I got down on myself...but here are few things I was doing, that I shouldn't be doing.

1) I was comparing myself with people that was out of my league.
2) I probably didn't hustle and work as hard as those two ladies was/is.
3) Quality of my blog was not on point.
4) I haven't been consistent with my blog. #Truth

5) For a long time, I just wrote for my BBFFs, because I rather have quality friends than quantity of followers. I know that my BBFFs comments means much more than than the typical:

"Nice Blog!
Want to follow each other...let me know?"

...and that's all that you see of that certain person? They dont come back ever either...lol, oh I had plenty of those bloggers...makes me laugh and want to rip someones face in...lol. oh Shiz, I think I'm hungry again...#Truth

xoxo, K. Lee


  1. Oh my, I am flattered that you were comparing yourself to me! I love your blog. Keep up with the truths, I love reading them! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. You're not one of my favorite bloggers because you're ordinary...Extra_Ordinary, Baby! Always a pleasure and great to have you here at Lee Muse:). lol.

      xoxo, K.Lee

  2. Love reading these! I can't wait for next tuesday =)



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