Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WTF Wednesday: NotsoBlondeBombshell

Lookie LOokie, I need a cookie cookie.

Here is a vlog that I have made for myself. I am rambling because Im still in shock. I filmed this like a day after my last process. It is blurry but I'm working on the video part. Those who has a Rebel 3Ti....PLEASE tell me what settings you guys set it to make your videos crisp and sharp! Many thanks in advance lol.

I have been dyeing my hair for years but I have never Bleached it on my own before. I was feeling really pumped and nervous to do my hair but watching countless youtube videos...I took the plunge. Things were going really well until I GOT IMPATIENT. I bleached my hair twice within 3 days apart. SO I got this for now.

 Some people told me that it doesn't look bad...but girl, it is.  It is so because...
  •  My skin tone looks like my hair color lol
  • I cant use my favorite IG filter, 1977 because my hair makes my pictures (white balance) off.
  • Certain lighting, (especially at efficient lightbulbs) makes me look like a clown. A glow in the dark worm doll.
  • I have stubs everywhere on my head...bleach broke my hairs.
  • split ends
  • head feels like a squeeze ball...was throbbing for 2 days.

These were my Youtube Reference that I used:  How to get Gray Hair How to Mix Dye and Developer What volume to use. How to Ombre your hair

I did film the process of everything i did and took pictures of the last steps I did. There was a lot of process so Everything is taking me a lot longer to blog than planned. So this is the preview of my full length blog that will come next.

To my loves out there...I just wanted to show you how I look like without a the moment. Ive been hashtaging my selfies #beanielife, because well...Ive been wearing a beanie when i go outside.

Try or Do NOT bleach your head two times by yourself in three days apart from each process. Lesson Learned. I'm so

I double bleached my male cousins head before me to test it, but it turned out awesome. Next step is to tone my hair once my natural oils lube my hair dirty. Ill show pictures afterwards.

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It Ends on March 10th.

xoxo, K. Lee


  1. Great post!)Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  2. At home dyeing is never a good idea! My sister dyes her hair blonde and every single time we do it at home it ends up looking orange and she just has to go get it fixed, lol. I don't know anything at dyeing hair, but good luck with getting it how you want it to look! :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

    1. Yeah...I have dark hair and orange hair is inevitable :(. I just didnt want to spend $1000 to get blond like last time I had blonde hair. And it took more than few stages to achieve the color I wanted so, I went to the fast route lol. All this for 70 bucks!

      xoxo, K.Lee


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