Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GiveAway Winner: MINDY FAN

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!! The Winner of the:

Congratulations to MINDY over at ~BROKEN EGGSHELLS~!!

Thank You to those who entered! I will have a tangible giveaway this month, so
stay tuned for that! I thank you for the support 
and hope to see you guys around the blogsphere!

xoxo, K. Lee


  1. OMG!! Thank you so much!!!!!!
    I just received your email and I replied back (Did you get it?)
    I can't believe it!! I am so excited right now because this is my first palette from naked! Thanks again!! =)

  2. Congrats Mindy!

    Twin, you're awesome!!

  3. Congrats Mindy! Although I'm mad jealous >_< haha =D


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