Friday, March 7, 2014

Last Weekend to Enter GiveAway!!

Hope Everyone had a great week and will have even greater weekend!! I just want to say that I'm so excited to see who have entered my current giveaway thus far! I see a lot of REAL FRIENDS...not that I dont want a random to win...but for those who worked to win this palette...Ill be happily spend whatever shipping fees to get this to you <3. For those who dont win, stay tuned at least once a be able to win from LEE MUSE. I know how it feels to win prizes from other blogs. I think its my way to keep readers and be able to sorta splurge on my friends. There will be future giveaways that will be in secret and the winner will win not at random but who I think deserves to get something from Moi.

I thank you for those who gives me Instagram comments and likes or wherever social media we social from. I know I neglect this blog but my friends that blogged at the same time as me is not as "active" anymore so that can get me unmotivated as well.  But that's just life. So if I can social with my friends elsewhere, then so be it. One BBFF told me that she doesn't blog much or is "in mini vacay" because IG is so much easier to post than on blogger. It simply puts out the message much easier on how you feel and look :).

Anyways...Enter the GiveAway if you have not already. If it was me personally...I would ask my non bloggy friends to enter as well for me, to have a better chance of winning! Have a great weekend!! I know I will!

xoxo, K. Lee

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