Friday, June 27, 2014

She's Baaack!! (w/ new hair)

Hello my loves, haters and passerbys!!

The sweetest bitch is back! Okay okay, ill simmer down the ego, since I got really nothing to back up my attitude, haha. So i miss being here but Schools out for the summer for the kids and I basically clean up my place and am almost done with the finishing touches. You know me the magical magician who disappears and appears here and there...along with her grammatical errors and run on i kid. but seriously.

What had me get my little vintage iPad (ipad 1...XD) and want to come on here and post something, is because I was asked by couple of my blogger besties (who misses me oh so much and requested me to blog more). I guess quick pictures of me on Instagram is not enough. So Shout outs to Sensible Stylista and Frikken Duckie!!

I was surprised to see that I still have soooooome following considering that I havent blog since my last update. So I thank those who stops by when they can. I cant really tell you that I will be consistent on the blogging...every time i say that...I disappear again.

I promise this. I will post when I can but I am not going to post anything that takes too much of my time. Things like that discourages me to do more and then its makes me not want to blog at all.

Enough with the Hiddy Hos... 

 Looky at me hair with no filter beeches

My Hair facing the window

Obvi facing away... teehee WiFi has gone S**T. So I will leave you be now...was going to post more pictures of me, about how i got to this color but I'm about to pull my hair yous!


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! You look so glamorous, like a K-pop star! Can I have your autograph? Lol.


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