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Before I go on about the DIY, let me tell you the HISTORY about this...those who favor the short version, please continue down on looking at the self explanatory photos (with captions of course).

4 days ago, Aubree and I started a project that I have been stewing back and forth about for 4 years now...

I had a Disney princess castle theme border in Quinn's room, yes, this is way before Aubree was born, Nov. 2010. I have probably switched rooms with Quinn about 4 times in 8 years...majority of the time, I weighed the idea that my room is much bigger so we can switch so that I can store all my kids toys in their room like how i did it HERE  <---Click There.

We currently switched it back (maybe for the last time, no promises) because mommy wanted a nice room to go to for her "me/mommy time". Because no matter where or how I organize their rooms, the messy trails of toys will be everywhere. SO next big ideal i kids stuff in Mommy and Dads room!

my room

Room transformation post in the future....
Im rambling again...see how I tell you a butt load of info, just so you dont miss anything....hahaha.

Welp, I really did not want to sleep around a toddler/child's theme room. I took off the Disney border but not everything peeled off.  The paste and the backing of the border stayed intact. I wasn't worried about it because i thought i would just re-border or paint the room white...I am not a DIY girl at all...I rather buy new things that repaint, refurbish and recycle  old things. Just not my taste nor cup of tea. And kudos for those who loves DIY projects.

Well days, months, and years went by...It stayed that way. If you look at my past videos, I have had this ugly yellow border in the background. A little less than 2 years ago, i have been looking for wall borders to replace the old one. There was nothing that looked good or spoke to me, especially when you want to match it with light pale purple paint color. So I searched black and white borders...(talk about boresville with paisley and damask themes). Seriously google wall borders...*cringe.

I finally found something creative and simple. A FILM STRIP BORDER! I am a tv/film/movie enthusiast, haha. I loved it on the website.

in packaged and out
another angle (ovekill i know)
 My idea when I saw the film strip border, I was going to pin up photos like the image below...sporacically. OR Put wallet size school photos and etc.  I thought the border strip was like the Disney Border...pre-pasted!! That means, all you have to do is peel and stick to wall....BUT NOPE :(. SO thats why it was not up on the wall like I planned.... let me tell you this purchase/plan was almost 2 years old.

Clean Idea


2nd Idea for the Ugly Room Border....COver it with KIDS ART:):):) (Lazy Version:).

{Fast forward, because as usual, im on this for more than 1 hour. }

2 weeks ago before i went to my Vegas trip, I was going to upload my beach silhouettes of the girls for my empty frames and I uploaded it to develop pictures at Costco.

Inspiration HERE

There is a whole heap of photo sizing and other printing options...nothing too surprising for Costco to do and offer. While I was uploading, I also uploaded squared instagram photos. I only wanted 4x6 and couple 5x7 photos in them...BUT they had a big warning sign next to them saying that pictures will vary if developed in rectangle shape than the original squared photo.  I was developing over 120 photos and you cant click all and make them to certain photo have to do it individually.So dreading to crop the photos...I ordered the 4x6 photos separately. Then it made me think as I saw that they have a 5x5 sizing option.


I uploaded 5x5 sizing of all my instagram photos from my IG account...only one with my kids in them...There's too much self SELFIES of me...(I have vain moments, but I really am not Vain).



ELMERS or WHAT EVER GLUE YOU WANT TO USE. BUT I reccomend paste glue.
A bored TOddler who is happy to help.


See the Ugly Yellow Strip? That was where the previous border was...

It went all around the room.
Get the toddler or yourself to rub/mark/draw glue on preexisting wall border

Over Kill doesnt hurt if glue is washable :)

Stick Photo onto Glue lining up with bottom of border.

Fun for MOmmy and Baby Time.

Dont worry if Toddler gets side happens.
Close View : alternated kid's pictures : one alone and one with sister or whoever the child is sharing room with. 

Come on Aubree, more enthusiasm.

Too much...Stop moving your arms...XD
YAY! 5 Glue Sticks and over 20 photos later!! 
Well I dont know if this idea has been done before...but this is something I came up with, without looking around Pinterest so I hope my Pin will interest you to do this if wall border tragedy strikes your home. Thanks for visiting while you can!!




  1. GREAT outcome, twin! It looks like it was done professionally! And can I hire Aubs to come over and do the same to a room here at my house? I promise I'll pay her in ice cream!

  2. your daughter so adorable and cute.


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