Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fun in the Sun

Hey All,

So the husband's days off are Sunday and Monday right now...and we took advantage of the manic Monday to relax at the beach per request of Aubree Ryan. We started late so we got to the beach late. It was ridiculously hot in our neck of the woods so, we were lil disappointed that Santa Cruz was in the low 70s. It may be great to some, but this momma is always cold so...low 70s was not as nice as what we could of had if we stayed closer to home.

Not going to say anymore than I have to. Ill let the pictures and captions say it all. It was a very nice day for our little family to spend together. Not picture is stops to Togos for lunch and In and out for Dinner.

Ready to Go!

Just before going over the moutain/hill/forest LOL. 100 degrees.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

#Selfie, as I saw......
The roller coaster that made me hate rides.
Im the creepy mom who like to stake pictures of them walking away.
Yup. Cuteness Overload.
My sweets.

My view. eyeliner melts off...:(.

Aubree Ryan.

Quinn Christine.
When at the Boardwalk.
YOu know.
Beautiful Skys.
This Guy.
Mr. and Mrs.
Tanning my Hotdogs...:)
Ever since we got our Coleman Road Trip Beach Tent, we take it with us everywhere.  While we were  playing in the tent, Quinn got an idea to do a shadow show for me. The girls went outside of the tent and started to play. While they were doing so...I took pictures of their shadows. I needed some pictures to put in my empty frames in my room. Genius.

 Then I got really creative and told them to pose certain way...



xoxo, K. Lee

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  1. Lmfao at Warren!!! And with the Barbies right next to him, too! Hahaha!

    You guys are too cute together, and the girls have grown so much over the past couple years! Love those shadow photos!


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