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Why K.Lee or Mrs. Lee?

Hi there! I was born and adopted from South Korea, as Kong, Jee Sook. I was adopted in 1988 by my American parents. My name is Keena. My mom named me after a 49er's football player, Keena Turner.  She told me when she heard it, she fell in love with it.Although, my name was giving to me with much delight, I just never liked my American name. (So please address me as K.Lee or Mrs. Lee). I never like the sound of it. I never liked the look of it. I especially didnt like it when other people uses it to address me. When people ask me what my name was and I told them. They always think I'm Tina, China, Karena, Ken-na, Keen-nee-a, Kema, etc.. People also misspell my name all the time. Kina, Kenna, Keyna, Keema.  I have to repeat it several time before they actually get it. When I learned how to write cursive in 2nd grade, I hated to write the K's in my name. So annoying! I'm sure most with unique names could relate, right?  In fourth grade, I had a African American classmate named, Jennifer Gilbert. I loved her name. I wished all the time, my name was Jennifer. Every time I met a Asian girl name Jennifer, and she hates her name. I cry a little bit in the inside. You should be so lucky! I tell them. lol.

Here's a short story why I dislike my name, and don't worry...my mom knows I don't like it.
My parents signed me up to the infamous church camp, Calvin Crest somewhere in California. This was my first time going away to a church camp for a week.  I was excited. I was excited until my parents took us to check in. Me and my sister, KELSY got assigned to the boys group because the camp mistaken us two as boys, because of our names. So all the activities we did that week, we were in the boys group. I was probably around 9-11, boys were the least on my mind! I was quite embarrassed when all the guys would ask me why I was there..."Are you a boy with long hair? hahahaaha" Oh i could tell you more stories of why i dislike my name. :). Maybe some other day. 

How did my blog get started?

CLICK HERE for my very first post!

Before I found myself a new hobby in blogging, I was a bore and slightly overweight mom and housewife.  On June 13th, 2011, my daughter looked straight in the eye and said "Ew Mommy, you got a fat stomach." Even though, I did have a baby 8 months prior, I got so upset and angry. If hitting wasn't against the law, my daughter woulda have been thrown across the room...lol. I already had low self esteem and depressed about my current self image. That comment just hit me really hard, like tons of bricks. I cried the whole day after that.  The next day, I got up and was feeling sick and tired. I felt sick and tired of being bored and slightly overweight. I was once a 1st runner up and Miss Congeniality at my hometown's annual pageant.  I used to play every sport you can think of. I was in the best shape in my life before I went to college. I knew how being skinny felt like (I was a size 0 or -2) before. I knew how to get back into shape, I did work at a gym for 2 years before I took a break for motherhood. With all that continuously running through my mind, I got up and started to change my lifestyle for the better. I started to count my calories and exercised here and there.

I knew my commitment of losing weight was going to be hard, since I didn't have no one to motivate me, so I started a blog. This blog used to be a place where I jot down my fitness/p90x  regimen and updates. A little place where I could look at what I did and what I could do next time if I needed to lose weight.

After becoming more involved with my blog, I started to make few friends who had a blog of their own. Slowly as few months pass, I started to blog about other subject that didnt involved my fitness regimen. After I ran my half marathon...I had a new feeling in life that I can accomplish anything I put my mind into.  This blogs domain used to be

now its www.leemuse.blogspot.com.
I know I know, very indecisive. Hopefully the current name will stick.

What to expect on my blog?

Expect the unexpected!!  There will be times, where posts is like any other posts you see.  Recipes, Fitness updates, tutorials, and reviews. But there will be times, where you will say, "Dang, that lady is crazy, dumb"..."I cant believe she said and did that!" "what a nerd".  Like Rants, Contests, and total randomness, especially when I have no clue what to write a day before that post! haha.

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  1. I personally LOVE your name. And I personally LOVE you!

    Btw, I think your blog has grown tremendously and I'm so proud that I have been a part of your blogging journey. Isn't it cool how blogging has become so much more to both of us now? I think it's awesome.

    ♥ Your twin, Duckie.

    1. Thank you so much for being in this journey with me. You mean a whole lot to me. Frikken Oceans keeping us apart. boohoo. One day friend, we will be reunited and it will feel so good. no homo...maybe.


  2. I love your name too! But K Lee is very cool :-)
    Love reading your story as well, great to know a bit more about you!

    And thanks for the Bloglovin recommendation, have just joined and am now welcomed into the Blogging 21st century haha!!!

    Vanessa x

  3. I find blogging very self-rewarding! I'm glad it has helped you too! I think you are very inspirational in your journey to becoming a more healthier you (personally and physically)! I just started doing Zumba fitness and hope to regain my pre-baby body again (it's been 6 years since I gave birth to my youngest boy!). My husband is an inspiration to me too! He just did his first triathlon this past September and will do a half marathon in March 2013. I will be sure to follow your blog updates and please come stop by my blog and follow when you get the chance! Thanks!

    Jessica from the Doily Duck

  4. Um, when I was little I wanted to be name Jennifer too! Omg, we're twinsies. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. I would have named one of my kids, Jennifer but a former friend name Jennifer told me not to, because she hated it. I am glad I listen to her, because I love what I named my children. :).


  5. Your blog is so fun and cute!



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