Bucket List

Inspired by: Frikken Duckie 

-Climb Half Dome
-Run a Half Marathon checked on (May 6, 2012)
-Run a Marathon
-Travel to Korea
-Find Biological Father's Grave
-Travel to Japan
-Ride a Roller coaster, again
-Swim in the Ocean, again
-Meet a follow blogger in real lifechecked on (May 2013)
-Graduate from a trade school
-Learn a 2nd Language (Korean or Spanish)
-Write a book
-Patent a invention
-Sell invention on HSN or QVC
-Be a millionaire
-Renew marriage vows in Vegas
-Learn how to snowboard
-Go on my 1st honeymoon
-Vacation in Hawaii
-Vacation in Guam
-Own a House
-Own a mini van checked on (May 31, 2013)
-See my Children get married
-See my Grandchild be born
-If Lucky, meet my great grandchildren.
-Retire by 60
-Break the record of the hottest oldest lady alive.
-Make homemade kimchi from scratch.
-Watch at least 50 Korean Dramas
-Be on Survivor or Amazing Race
-Have abs good enough to post on Pinterest...lol.


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  1. This is so cute =D LOVE these things to do <3


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